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Friday, Jul 13 2007 | 14:10

Rodion is Ed Canfanelli from Rome. The shortest way to describe the sound of this former classic piano genius who became a freaked out Space-Discoteer could be:
Rodion’s music is somewhere between Lindström disco and the synthesizer funk of Justice. Mixed with a big dose of Italian music influences of all kinds: 80s Italodisco. The romantic harmonies and drama melodies of Italian horror and mafia B movies. The vibe of 70s Cosmic tapes. And the “CasioC.o.r.e.” soundtracks that Italian producers made for Science fiction TV cartoons 20 years ago.

But it’s definitely not easy to define Rodion’s music. Because as Rodion’s stuff is much more colourful and musically complex than most current electronic music, Ed Canfianelli’s musical biography is weirder than that of most other electronic producers:

When Ed was 5 years old, his parents discovered his musical talent. He quickly became one of the prodigy students at Rome’s famous music college of the Catholic Church. He played organ in Rome’s churches as a child, studied classical piano at the conservatory and could have become a successful classic composer or church organist.
But then, 2 things happened:

Ed discovered the old Japanese science fiction shows that Italian TV runs during the day. He fell in love with the music. The music for the Italian versions of Japanese cartoons was made by Italians, mostly guys, who started out in the 80s as Italodisco producers. For these TV series they made edgy, freaked out Sci Fi cartoon Disco.

Shortly after falling in love with the cartoon music, Ed also started to discover the scene of the so-called “Centri Sociali” in Rome. These community buildings are used as squats by Italian subculture types. Underground film artists, anarch poets, painters and all kind of musicians.

The priests at the catholic music school flipped out when he arrived for the music lesson with his new long hair, piercings and still carrying the smell of last night’s party. Playing Bach with a slightly technoid dynamic. It didn’t take long and Ed got kicked out of the conservatory. He got some equipment from an old Italian house producer and started to develop his very own sound universe. And by the time Munich’s Gomma Records Gang got a hold of this futuristic disco shit from Rome, things had become completely clear: Ed’s career as a classical pianist is over … his new mission is the weirdodisco casiofunk.

His first 12inch “Atala Ride” brought him broad attention and from then on things went fast: Italy’s #1 DJ Claudio Coccoluto featured them as #1 on his playlist, DJ’s like Lindström and DFA’s Shit Robot declared themselves as Rodion fans, Franz Ferdinand namedropped him as one of their favourite electronic acts and his live performances in clubs in Paris, Berlin and London were euphorically received.

So one thing seems clear: Ed might cut his hairs and throw away his piercings: but the priests at the music school won’t see him back on the church’s organ any time soon.
Ed prefers do do the “Romantic Jet Dance” with some Discogrouies now – instead of rocking the organ at Papa Razzis Vaticano.

The album RodionRomantic Jet Dance” (Gomma) is going to be released September 28, 2007.

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