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Friday, Jun 29 2007 | 11:13

Recorded in a Victorian water tower on what was once Queen Victoria’s estate, “And Then, Nothing” displays a dazzling range of influences and beautifully crafted songs. From the gentle acoustics of “Concrete Hands” to the Hammond infused sweat soaked melodies of “Stop”, from the punky riot of “Come On” to the beautifully epic album closer “Moody Man Left”, this is an album that is breathtaking in it’s breadth and glued together with compelling songwriting. The album was produced by Jackson Analogue with some notable help from Head (Polly Harvey, Massive Attack) who helped in areas of production and mixing at both Studio Luca (Isle Of Wight) and Massive Attacks 1 point 6 studio.

A deep respect for the blues-rock of Muddy Waters, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Credence Clearwater Revival, a classic British sensibility that derives from a love of the Who, Led Zep and Family an appreciation of the ’60s r&b sound of labels such as Stax, Chess and King and an affinity with the ’90s grunge of their own youth are all mixed and matched to create a sound that is uniquely their own, taking the best of rock’n’roll’s rich patchwork and re-stitching it in new shapes and patterns for the 21st century.

When it comes to current names, critics have referenced the Kings Of Leon, Queens Of The Stone Age and At The Drive-In, although Jackson Analogue remain defiantly uninterested in where they fit in the modern marketplace. “It’s not that we’re ignorant of contemporary trends,” says the band’s Jim Homes. “We just don’t take much notice of them.”

Built around the guitar-playing and songwriting of Jim and his brother Rob Homes, Jackson Analogue formed in the summer of 2004 out of the ashes of other local bands. With gigs so few and far between unless they ventured to the mainland, the band retreated into their converted studio where they cut some demos using their trademark, valve-driven analogue equipment, for want of “anything else to do”. It was within the astonishingly short space of a couple of months, the tapes had excited the interest of several major labels and following their first ever London gig Island signed them to a development deal and a five album contract.

Jackson Analogue are a band for all those who still believe that music is about passion not fashion and the right song counts for more than the right hair cut. The lusty five piece create music that is raw and vibrant, characterized by epic riffs, memorable songwriting, killer vocals and maverick attitude. The perfect analogue music for the digital age? You decide …

Jackson Analogue are set to play a series of dates across UK and Europe. Among their fans are luminous people like The Black Keys, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Nick Cave and The Who.

The album Jackson AnalogueAnd Then, Nothing” (Groove Attack) is going to be released November 2, 2007.

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