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Monday, Jun 18 2007 | 10:32 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

The Franco-American duo Dinner At The Thompson’s release their first album “Lifetime On Planet Earth” on the label Earth At Work. The smooth and sensual grain of Lucille’s voice mixes with Fablive’s productions, an eclectic concoction of acoustic soul, jazz, electro-funk creations, and audacious break-beats. A sound that leaves much to reflect on for the musically adept, but most of all that blows you away with its finesse and sincerity – definite chemistry. The stories Lucille tells through her lyrics, a blend of urban poetry and existential reflections, comment on beginnings, on endings, on life experienced; a natural, warm voice that will nourish the finest of gourmets. Colored with subtle bits of sampling and live instrumental recordings, their musical world is also inspired by the acoustics and rhythm in Afro-beat.

The album was conceived to give a warm feeling, a rarity in today’s often over-produced-sounding albums. Fablive brings rap, soul, and electro into real time – fresh, delicate, and rough all at once. It isn’t surprising that “Lifetime On Planet Earth”, after being mixed in France, was mastered by Dave Cooley, the craftsman of all the Stones Throw projects. The purists will be appreciative … but they won’t be the only ones. All the dance floor lovers will relate. And you can be sure that they’ll be getting down too.


01. Lifetime On Planet Earth (Intro)
02. Daily Vitamins
03. Can’t Get Over
04. Consciousness
05. An Other Day
06. Reality Check
07. Short & Sweet
08. Soaking Blue
09. Dark Haze
10. Agenda
11. Vegas
12. Corner Store Dinner
13. Fly Nature
14. Ladies
15. What A Girl Needs
16. Jealousy
17. Why
18. Oblivious


“The franco-american duo create one of the best albums of the year. For surprises, it’s a surprise. A franco-americain singer and a french producer of enormous talent engaged in an eclectic project with a well chosen name and graphics, whose aesthetics we could situate somewhere in between Portishead and the duo formed by Herbert and his sweet-heart Dani Siciliano. It’s the emphasis put on the contrast between rhythmic hip-hop beats, melodious samples and an ethereal voice that brings all the charm and efficiency to this album. In a style that we all buried too quickly, Lucille T.’s timbre, similar to that of Lizz Field, and Fablive’s inventivity compose an ideal urban sound, to be savoured solo or on the dance floor. Very elaborate musically, Lifetime On Planet Earth benifits all the more from having been mastered by the sound technician for Stones Throw’s (Madlib’s label). Even without this, the album would have been excellent. Thanks to this final touch, they stand out as one of the best albums of the year.” Pierre-Jean Chiarelli (Vibrations Magazine)

“A show that is rare today, fresh, surprising … a live in crescendo that brings us from jazz to funky-electro break-beats-that’s what we’re talking about ! Not to be missed.” The Goodtimes (C.A. Journal)

“It’s been a long time since I heard an album as original as this! … beats that make you want to bounce, and a voice that makes you melt.” The Pharcyde

“I’m digging this sound! We don’t know if it’ programmed or played … it’ real groove!” Lee Fields (Among The Kings Of Funk)

The album Dinner At The Thompson’sLifetime On Planet Earth” (Earth At Work) has been released June 22, 2007.

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