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Wednesday, May 16 2007 | 13:50 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Ben Mono – ambitious multi-player, producer, remixer and in-demand DJ from Munich – has built himself a solid reputation in the world of advanced discotainment during the past years. His debut album “Dual” was praised by critics for being “complex, deep, tight and authentic at the same time” (De:Bug). His tracks can be found constantly on heavy rotation in the playlists of supporters like Dave Clarke, Jazzanova, Funkstörung or Zombie Nation and – not enough name dropping yet – have been remixed by people like John Tejada, Sirius Mo, Landslide, Jean-Paul Bondy and Bell. Finally, after carefully polishing his latest compositions, Ben Mono is about to drop his long awaited sophomore effort: “Hit The Bit”.

The new album is a manifestation of a new and unique style labelled by himself as bit hop! While the majority of party people in Germany are attached to minimal techno grooves, Ben Mono draws a deliberately counterdraft to this pre-dominant sound pattern. He slows down the tempo and adds some abundance – bit hop means less beats per minute but more density in sound. Bit hop also means the digital merging of different styles, a symbiosis of stripped down hip hop and booming electro. Remember when in the late 80s hip house was the catalyst for the fusion of rap vocals with electric dance music? It initiated a continuing metamorphosis of sound steadily giving birth to new styles like ghetto-tech, grime, dubstep, hollertronix or most recently nu rave.

Bit hop is the youngest offspring in this family tree. Based on catchy hooks and old school synth lines it can be described best as an amalgamation of ingredients Ed Banger or Spank Rock would probably feel tasty too. Just listen to “Don’t Stop”, “Pull Em Down” or the rocking title track “Hit The Bit” for comprehension. Ben Mono creates a new sound-aesthetic a bit off from the current minimal affection defining the German electronic music scene. Considering this, bit hop furthermore represents a break out, a metaphor for movement, progression and aggregation. On this mission he gets support by aspiring artists from all around the world, like Bay Area MC Capitol A, the Miami Bass queens from Yo Majesty from Tampa, Florida, Weather Girls’ backround singer Kerry L. Dooley, caribbean-bred Jemini who is guiding through the album, electro crunk general Shane Fontane, Bliss & Main Flow (of Mood) or British multi-vocalist Killa Kela – new friends and collaborators found while being a globe-trotting DJ.

Over 80 DJ bookings during a year take him to cities like Buenos Aires, Taipei, San Francisco, Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Beijing or Manila. All those different places have local scenes of their own posing new challenges for Ben Mono. Don’t expect him to play a straight DJ set when he rocks a party. Wherever he spins records he comes up with new variations in tempo and style while not forgetting about the sureshot bangers. But although it gets a little bit adventurous sometimes – like him being shot at with plastic bullets by some American street kids or being attacked by an organ trading taxi driver in Argentina – Ben Mono won’t stop his worldwide quest for the quintessence of sound to embed it into his universal Bit hop formula. All this experiences have been aggregated and transformed into his new album: “Hit the Bit”. So please pump up the volume and enjoy.

The album Ben MonoHit The Bit” (Compost) has been released May 11, 2007.

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