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Friday, May 04 2007 | 17:44

In his debut album “Fascinating Tininess” Yusuke Hama teams with ATL homegirl Laurel Wells to create a unique brand of film score pop in a project dubbed LEYODE (pronounced Lee-Yode).

Though he played music most of his life – classical violin and piano as a kid, and guitar in his teens and on – Yusuke became more focused on film and photography in more recent years. While touring as a merch-man/documentarian with fellow Atlanta head Prefuse 73, he began to gravitate back toward music, citing total creative control as a powerful motivator.

Initially conceived while experimenting with French New Wave film clips, LEYODE was born in earnest when Yusuke enlisted Laurel’s vocal talents on the track, “Isabelle.” They soon realized a positive working partnership, and began to expand on the concept. Gradually working on more songs, and applying more cinematic touches, LEYODE took shape as a tribute to French actor Jean-Pierre Léaud.

While “Fascinating Tininess” grounds itself in a beats-and-samples presence, it takes us on a low-flying tour over a range of emotional scenery. At times it feels like we’re listening to the soundtrack of a movie we haven’t seen yet.

“Fascinating Tininess” is LEYODE’s introductory excursion into a world of scenic beats and cinematic melodies. Enjoy it. And stay tuned for more!

The album LeyodeFascinating Tininess” (Eastern Developments) is going to be released May 18, 2007.

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