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Monday, Apr 30 2007 | 13:50 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

After the great success of the 12″ vinyl teaser releases “All Woman” (PERMVAC005-1) and “Over” (PERMVAC008-1) here finally is the full debut album by Kathy Diamond.

Kathy Diamond is a singer / songwriter originally from Sheffield, England, but now lives in London. She listened to mainly soul and disco at home as that was the music her mum played. As she grew up she was inspired to write and sing herself and has been doing so since 1993, working with many different writers, musicians and producers within many genres. In 2002 she wrote a song called “Miracles Just Might” with writers / producers Swag. It didn’t make it on the Swag album so Kathy raised the money and released it herself on white label. The reviews were excellent. Within a month “Sunshine” was released on the Idjut Boys’ Cottage label. Again, the reviews were great. The Idjuts also used this track for their compilation “Press Play” on Tirk Records in 2005. On there, Kathy’s track also caused quite a stir.

In the past two years Kathy concentrated on writing a collection of songs in preparation for a solo career and here is the result, “Miss Diamond To You”. Kathy’s voice and great production make this a strong as hell bundle demonstrating how good pop music can sound today.

Here is Kathy’s personal view on each of the tracks:

Between the Lines
A very sad song about the time in a relationship when you don’t have any energy to fight for or against it. You know its not working but you just want it to go away on its own. Very sad … Great guitar though!

All Woman
What can I say? All woman, high heels and handbag. I love it! This is the first single. I can’t wait to see people dancing!

Until The Sun Goes Down
This is a big track to make you move so there was no need for a big song within it! My chance to have a break and go to the bar for a good old gin and tonic – with fresh lime please!

Dirty piano and Hammond uplifts what is in essence a very sad song. It could’ve gone either way but I’m glad it didn’t go all sentimental and do an Elton John on me! I think it’s my favourite on the album. Tragic story, wicked track.

Racing Thru Time
Another hazy, lazy, spacey back to bed track! Oh dear, my reputation will be in tatters! Please. Not the walk of shame!

Another Life
This song started out to be a Narnia kind of story, walking through the wardrobe and experiencing something totally new. It felt completely innocent at the time but looking back now I think, subconsciously I was looking for my own adventure. Moving to London was it. I kind of started out like Crocodile Dundee getting used to the big city life but now I’m like Alice in wonderland. Loving it!

On And On
On and on and on and on! Oh yes, another song of unbridled passion! Somewhere along the line my Julie Andrews style songwriting hit polution! Oh dear.

I Need You
This is a song of intimately charged love! I love the feel on this track, it kind of feels exactly how it was meant to be at the time of writing the lyrics. Like being under a lust spell in a haze of magic mushrooms. ha ha! Say no more!

“‘Miss Diamond To You’ is (…) the most exciting piece of modern boogie, disco or soul music this year will have to offer.” Groove (March 2007)

The album Kathy DiamondMiss Diamond To You” (Permanent Vacation) has been released April 27, 2007.

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