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Friday, Apr 20 2007 | 17:07

Munk present “Gommagang 4” … The two leaders of the pack, aka (Italian) Mathias Modica and (German) Jonas Imbery are the founders of the Gomma label and it’s main activists. Having launched the label at the start of the new millennium, the pair have released two artist albums and created a small underground empire for themselves. Part of a new scene of freestyle labels that connect music with design, alternative art and cutting edge fashion, Gomma are the German brothers to New York’s DFA and Whateverwewant, Belgium’s Eskimo and France’s Ed Banger, Tigersushi and Kitsuné. A global family, armed with a naked smile and a flat beat, they’re here for the post-minimal generation.

If by chance you haven’t checked a Gomma release, then “Gommagang 4” is the perfect place to start. A label with a distinctive sound but an open musical boundary, they connect space-electronic and indie rock, disco and no-wave, weird folk and techno-funk. Proud of their steady nonconformist output, they’ve never followed trends and have now developed a musical language that has, and still is influencing many bands and labels alike. True innovators, they inject originality into the too-retro rock scene and the ever-so one-dimensional electronic music world.

Having released 80 x 12″ vinyl singles and 20 x CDs, this new Gommagang album features tracks from 2006 & 2007. 22 hits & remixes from the last year, it’s not so much a DJ mix, but a sonic collage. Heavily influenced by the famous 70’s Munich Discorock spirit and the Italian cosmic vibe, it manages to cross between numerous styles and genres with a seamless thread and a unique approach. It’s purposely pitched down and the slow, rough, theatrical and spaced out sounds make for one of the most interesting label compilations of recent times. A true representation of their international roster, GG4 features the exciting solo project of Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand Box Codax (Glasgow), WhoMadeWho (Copenhagen) – who you might know from their live support for Soulwax last year. The irresistible Headman (Berlin) and Stephen Dewaele from Soulwax (Ghent), Cosmicdisco legend DJ Baldelli (Rimini), Tomboy (Copenhagen) – the guy who after singles for Get Physical, Kitsune and Tiga’s Turbo records released a much appreciated debut album on Gomma this February. Rodion (Rome, Drrtyhaze & In Flagranti (New York), Parker Frisby (Berlin), Transmania (Vienna) and of course Munk (Munich) who are best known for their indie disco hit “Kick Out The Chairs!” which featured James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. The British contingent represent on the remix, with Erol Alkan (aka Mustapha 3000), Playgroup, Naum Gabo (aka Optimo) and new electronic shooting star Metronomy all delivering some of their finest work to date.


01. Box Codax – Missed Her Kiss
02. Headman – On & On
03. In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box
04. Trattoria Interlude
05. Drrtyhaze – Sound Of The L.E.S.
06. WhoMadeWho – Flat Beat
07. Box Codax – Naked Smile (Naum Gabo Rmx)
08. Tomboy – Flamingo
09. Baldelli – Girotondo
10. Rodion – Atala Ride
11. Trans Mania – Boing Boom Jack (Pulsinger Rmx)
12. Headman – Moisture (Mustapha 3000 Rmx)
13. Gespenster Interlude
14. Tomboy – Swan
15. Drrtyhaze – Hey Mama
16. Box Codax – Naked Smile (Metronomy Rmx)
17. Munk – I Really Had Enough … (La Noia)
18. GB’s – Lucky In Vichy
19. Parker Frisby – Weil ich in einer Stadt aufwache, die …
20. Headman & Stephen Dewaele – Roh (Playgroup Rmx)
21. WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (Superdiscount Rmx)
22. WhoMadeWho – Space For Rent (Green Version)

The compilation Munk Present Gommagang 4” (Gomma) is going to be released May 25, 2007.

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