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Rodion, lonely and melancholic astro-robot, sprouted in 1999 along the Sputnik orbit, from the firm trust into Sovietic melody superiority. Conceived by professor Zamurev in 1977 to broadcast the music of the people across intergalactic spaces, the project for building a Rodion prototype quickly came to a halt, because of the evident robot likings for the lustful sorority of Latin sounds. Professor Zamured was deported to Siberia, hypnotized and turned to silence through the abuse of electronic devices designed by the Nazis during World War Two, to lead to insanity through electrical shocks during an endless repetition of so-called ‘Elektro’ sequences.

Many years passed by, but times then came to a change. Soon after the fall of the Berlin wall, professor Zamurev left Siberia as a free man. He brought with him the original Rodion project. He was able to complete it after more than 20 years, using the scraps of those behatred hypnotic Nazi machines. In 1999 the Coldan spaceship was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome in central Russia, bringing the Rodion robot along the Sputnik orbit, free at long last to wander through cosmic rubble and radiations.

But then out of nowhere the brothers Munk received a radio signal from space. It has been sent by Rodion. They encoded the frequencies and transferred them into sound. After that they released a Rodion 12″ entitled “Atala Ride EP” on their Gomma label in December 2006. The reactions were enthusiastic and people wanted to hear more from the cute little astro-robot. So Rodion delivered a remix for Box Codax (“Missed Her Kiss Remix”). And there are more things to come in the future.

01. Omodaka – Kokiriko Bushi (Video Mix) (Far East Recording)
02. TomBoy – Baffioso (Gomma)
03. Hostage – Let’s Pretend (Roccodisco)
04. Bangkok Impact – Junge Dame (Creme)
05. Phat Pixel – Second Level (The Dominion)
06. Kerrier District – Realistique Mix (Rephlex)
07. Pigneto Quartet – Silvia Lo Sai (
08. Michoacan – She’s Sent (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) (Tiny Sticks)
09. Khan & Brigitte Fontaine – Fine Mouche (Lou Records)
10. Rekid – 85 Space (Soul Jazz)

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