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Monday, Mar 05 2007 | 13:26 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Dalindèo is the next big thing in jazz. No question about it. When you first listen to this Helsinki based sextet, you might almost picture a scene in a 60’s film with this music playing at the background. Then one’s mind might easily drift in the eternally cool world of, say Antonio Carlos Jobim and John Barry. Before we get too nostalgic and retro here it must be stressed that this is contemporary music and the sound of now. Yes, the band’s style arises from rhythms and atmospheres of the Brazilian musical heritage and modal jazz of 1960’s, but still Dalindèo’s sound has been strongly affected by modern club music. Rhythm and mood have the leading role and “danceableness” is very important a factor, but just as well as improvisation. This is NOT “lounge” or your average “chill out” nonsense, on the contrary. Dalindèo’s aim is to bring back the freshness, lightness, beautiful compositions and rhythmic textures of the era and combine it with modern approach.

All compositions are written by guitarist Valtteri Pöyhönen, who started the band in 2003. One idea of his has been to reach a wide range of different kind of people – from jazz diggers to clubbers and put up an energy driven show without compromising the multidimensional aspect of jazz music. All the band members have been around since the start and that is something one can hear listening to them; the band plays well and the musicianship is top notch.

The first Dalindèo singles “Poseidon / Soliferlento” and “Go Ahead, Float / Voodoo” were released in 2005 and 2006 by Helsinki based Ricky Tick Records, best known for super popular The Five Corners Quintet. Both of these releases got an enthusiastic and very positive reception among DJ’s around the world as well as numerous rave reviews in the press and internet.

During 2006, Dalindèo have been working on their debut album “Open Scenes” together with producer Tuomas Kallio (NuSpirit Helsinki, Five Corners Quintet). The album also features a guest vocalist, Japanese Michiko who has lived in Finland for some time now. She is a singer in the second generation as her mother was a songstress too. Her input is sweet and her tender voice might lead the listeners yet again to the time of certain Astrud Gilberto. Michiko can be heard on selected live shows too. The long awaited debut album “Open Scenes” has been released in January 2007 on Ricky Tick.

The album DalindeoOpen Scenes” (Ricky Tick) has been released January 26, 2007.

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