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Thursday, Feb 15 2007 | 16:51 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

The Canadian House producer Tiga sometimes tells this story about how he was at a hotel gym in LA, minding his own business, playing TomBoy on his “ghetto blaster”. Then Michael Douglas walks in, he grooves to the music for a few minutes and then tells Tiga: “This music is fucking great, man”. So trust Michael Douglas, a movie star, Oscar winner and sex addict … HE LOVES TOMBOY!

TomBoy aka Tomas Barfod (DJ, Über-producer and drummer of the futuristic Danish disco band Who Made Who) is one of the most talked about guys in the new Electronic scene. He has done four euphorically received solo maxi singles on Gomma and this year he has also been asked to do a single for Tiga’s Turbo label, Get Physical and Kitstune.

Now its time for his solo debut album. “Serios” is modern electronic pop music. The album contains 14 moody, mellow, but freaked out spaceship electro songs. Inspired by 70ies Cosmic disco, 90ies Warp and leftfield electronica and the funky side of rave culture. For the album production TomBoy has been supported by vocalists like Namosh and MIA of Matt (one of Berlin’s big talents for 2008), Mathias Modica from Munk and Danish singer Malou.

But “Serios” isn’t a pure dance album even if it consists of elements from the dance universe. TomBoy is a tricky guy. He uses common club music ingredients (acid lines, discobreaks, ravesynthesizers, drummachines) in a totally unusual way. He plays the drums and reworkes them with electronic techniques. Creating his very personal sound.

“Serios” is sleazy chilled out music – but far away from any chill hop lounge. And even if it was made by a “real” musician and studio wizzard the music never sounds too clean and perfect.

You can easily see Tomas Barfod on the forefront of the new wave of Danish popculture. In fashion, design and music Denmark currently is becoming what Sweden (Hives, Mando Diao etc.) has been for the last years: the hot source of fresh style & quality. Besides Trentemöller, Tomas Barfod is the main man for sound issues there. The debut album of his band WhoMadeWho was one of the essential CDs of 2005 (The British NME called it “… the best Neo Disco band since LCD Soundsystem!” and Queens Of The Stone Age did a cover of the band’s hit “Space For Rent”). Who Made Who played all over the place, at all important festivals, as an opener for the Soulwax European tour and even at the MTV Music Awards After Show Party and Milan Fashion Week. And while his bandmates had to recover from heavy touring, Mr. Barfod locked himself into his “Kop City” Studio and recorded his incredible solo piece “Serios”. And by the way: WhoMadeWho are not dead! They are busy in the studio recording the new album.


01. Swan
02. Murky Jerky
03. Hi’s and Low’s
04. Baffioso
05. Flameingo
06. Ist So Hot
07. Synchronize
08. Finale I/O
09. Maggie & Samira
10. The Møvies
11. Æblegrød
12. Something
13. Zåmiang
14. I K.Guitar

The album TomBoySerios” (Gomma) has been released February 16, 2007.

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