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Monday, Jan 15 2007 | 14:53

There is a light that never goes out. Shining, illuminant, glorious Gus Gus.

The title “Forever”, for the 5th Gus Gus studio album, flew in from Moscow; one sharp cry out from the long queue waiting to get into the club where the Gus Gus dj’s were spinning black solids. “Gus Gus FOREVER!!” It has taken a handful of time to create “Forever” because Gus Gus is not God.

Gus Gus is: Biggi Veira, Earth, and President Bongo

And they need more than 6 days to create the world that is this album. Gus Gus once again throw into the flames a track by Daniel Agust “Moss”, a superb addition to the magnificent vocal landscape of Earth. Pall Oskar, the discodiva # 1, lends his smooth voice on “Need In Me”, as well as on “Hold You” with the Detroit fire Aaron-Carl. Omar Gudjonsson lays his calloused fingers over “You’ll never Change” and inspires both President Bongo and Veiran to do handle their own guitar necks in “Forever”. Also our very own “Professor” Ottarr Proppe pukes out the welcome words to “Forever”. Mr. The President himself graces golden larynx through the track “If you don’t jump, you’re English” flashing rusted guitar samples from the ever lasting Icelandic 80’s punk band Purrkur Pillnikk and hammered power hi-hats by Helgi “HitHat” Helgason. The rest is history … Well … except for the remixing. Thats part history and part future. These recombinitations and malnourished destructures were and are gonna be manhandled by Moonbootica, Diringer, Mark Bell, Thor, DMS, Patrick Chardronnet, Tim Deluxe, Jack Schidt, Greg Churchill and of course the in-house crew, Biggi Veira and the albino President Bongo.

Gus Gus was established in 1995. It started as a film/art/music collective group of 12, like the apostles, and through the years has narrowed down to the divine number of three. The Holy Trinity brings you “Forever”.

For more information you can check out the microsite: Gus Gus – Forever

The album Gus GusForever” (Pineapple Records) is going to be released February 23, 2007.

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