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Monday, Dec 04 2006 | 12:59 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

We warmly welcome Eastern Developments as one of our new distribution labels. The New York City based label was founded by the highly respected musician and producer Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73, Savath & Savalas).

Looking back, Guillermo Scott Herren remembers: “First was Atlanta’s premier hip-hop show, known as “The Beatbox”, hosted by “Subtle-T”, who I had already been a devotee of since ’86. Following that was “The Hustler’s Convention,” hosted by some kid named “Pete”, who in turn, via satellite, schooled me up on old funk 45s and artists like Yusef Lateef, Bobby Humphrey, Donald Byrd and even Sonny Sharrock, James Chance and the Contortions, Celluloid stuff, early 80’s New Wave joints, and so on. There are too many to mention, but my point is that those nights informed me and got me up on so much music that changed my life forever. This was way before ‘crate digging’ became an epidemic, which later became a fashionable epidemic, which is now next to impossible unless you’re rolling with some trust funds or don’t want to eat. Soon after, I randomly met that kid, “Pete”, through the graff scene in Atlanta. We bombed together for six months before I put two and two together, realizing that he was the guy who schooled me with his radio show. Since tose days, we’ve continued to get up, DJ, throw parties and put on shows. I was making beats the whole time, while Pete was doing graphic design. We talked about starting a label that would put out my music and allow Pete to handle the design.

After jobs at Kinko’s, as a bike courier, catering, washing dishes, selling herb, studio grunting and watching every one and their mother start a label of their very own, we were finally able to pull our resources together to do what we had talked about from the beginning, which was doing our own shit – Eastern Developments.

We encourage all of our friends and all of the creative people we’re surrounded by to contribute and get involved with the label in some way or another. All we see are talented artists getting constantly slept on because they don’t have any means to get their work out. Eastern Developments is less concerned with being “on some next shit”, “blowing the fuck up”, or “changing the face of anything”. We’re more concerned with bringing you music we think you’ll feel and understand in the same way we do.”


Icy Demons – Tears Of A Clone

“Sometimes I come across records that confuse the hell out of me. “Fight Back” from Icy Demons was one of those. I just heard a burn of it and figured no one knew about it. As it turned out, tons of people knew about the album, but i had a feeling that not to many people had really experienced it. I realized that their drummer, Chris Powell, had been coming to Prefuse 73 shows to say hi to Beans on the regular. Later, Prefuse 73 ended up playing a random show in Virginia with Need New Body and from that point things were on … We all got along well and made plans for Eastern Developments to do something with their next album. Within months I received demos that were confusing me in the same way their previous joints did, but I suppose that ended up being a good thing.”

The history: Icy Demons started out with improvised sessions at Shape Shoppe recording studios in Chicago in 2001. Out of the excitement of these improvised sessions songs developed, which would intentionally take a different direction and result in the course of diversity they were trying to capture. They are heavily influenced by African music, and the rhythm inherent within melodies is the most common bond I find in these songs. When the band started, they were very interested in ‘ambient’ music, especially the idea that music contributes to a whole sound, rather than existing as separate elements in a song. The confusion I feel while listening to Icy Demons is one I welcome and look for in a band. In one listen one could hear tropicalia rhythms and arrangements as much as modern electronic music elements without the novelty factor involved. I also hear old soul records and head-nod hip hop … oh and I dare say, even some aspects of such atrocious and obvious descriptions such as ‘post-rock’, ‘post-whatever’, and the completely unexplainable sounds that can only be conjured up by the Icy Demons. Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73)

The album Icy DemonsTears Of A Clone” (Eastern Developments) has been released November 10, 2006.

A Cloud Mireya – Singular

The “Singular” album is an intimate collection of songs recorded over the past three years between Claudia Deheza (On!Air!Library! and Daylight’s for Birds) and Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73, Savath and Savalas a.o.). They started recording and playing songs together in their downtime from other projects and busy schedules after meeting on a tour they shared. In the beginning, they started with simple lullabies which eventually progressed to more involved pieces, one of which runs almost 15 minutes here. Nonetheless, the ‘production values’ were ignored and all songs keep their natural state evoking the moments they were first played. The focus here lies in the beauty of Claudia’s voice and harmonies over the playing of free-floating guitars, found sounds, and the occasional drums that sneak in. The magic of this record is in the pureness and fragile state of its form. The simple recording processes and natural ‘imperfections’ of the album overcome recording conventions that would otherwise lose the addictive and sometimes timeless charm it holds. Lover’s rock it is indeed.

The album A Cloud MireyaSingular” (Eastern Developments) has been released November 10, 2006.

Soft Circle – Full Bloom

Hisham Akira Bharoocha (aka Soft Circle) currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, using the mediums of music, visual art, and photography.

Hisham first came into the music scene in Providence, Rhode Island, while in college. He was a founding member of the legendary noise rock band Lightning Bolt, in which he treated vocals as an instrument. He left the band after playing with them for a year and a half. At the end of his school years, he joined the then-hardcore punk band Black Dice. Hisham played with Black Dice for 6 years, exploring the depths of sound with them as they moved into more experimental terrain; his final project with the band was the creation of the “Creature Comforts” album.

After leaving Black Dice, he created Soft Circle, a solo project that allowed him a more personal exploration of his own musical interests. Hisham’s art work is a visualization of the sounds he creates; he is inspired by the true nature of our temporary existence on this planet, understanding life through sensations that arise and pass within ourselves. Hisham’s work is based on this notion, and the subconscious melding of information we absorb every moment through our senses. Bharoocha is interested in this moving and morphing within the self, how that shapes one’s persona, who we call “I, Me, Myself”.

Hisham is one of the New York underground community’s creative leaders, continually trying to bring together the visual art, music, and fashion communities for collaboration. Hisham’s vision is for each medium to embrace the others – to create and support each other without borders. He has undertaken work to this end, including curating music compilations of New York-based musical artists for such clothing lines as United Bamboo and Nom De Guerre.

The album Soft CircleFull Bloom” (Eastern Developments) has been released January 19, 2007.

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