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Plant Music, the label that brought you “The Sound of Young New York” series, present the new and self-titled compilation “Plant Music”. Featuring fifteen tracks from the indie and electronic music scene, the compilation draws from New York’s Plant Music 12″ releases as well as some unreleased songs, and selections from up and coming artists. Included are tracks and remixes by WhoMadeWho (Gomma), Revlon 9 (Because Music), Munk (Gomma), Alex Gopher (Solid, previously unreleased), The Glass (previously unreleased), Rinôçerôse (V2), Shy Child (PIAS/Wall of Sound), Photocall (Computer Life, previously unreleased remix) and many more. Most of these tracks have only been released on 12″es and are now available for the first time.

The album is compiled by Dominique Keegan, founder of Plant Music and Plant Bar, and many of these tunes have been highlights in both his and labelmate Stretch Armstrong’s DJ sets. Whereas the “The Sound of Young New York” compilations were mix-CDs, “Plant Music” is unmixed, aimed at the MP3-listener and CD and digital DJ. The album artwork has been designed by Miami artist Caroline Geys (

About The Artists

Mainline “Black Honey” (Who Made Who Remix)

Mainline are a six-piece rock band from Dublin whose sound is heavily influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, The Velvets and many other tripped-out rock bands. This remix is by Copenhagen punk funkers WhoMadeWho whose album on Munich label Gomma was cited as a landmark record last year. “Black Honey” was previously released on the Plant Music 12″ Seed012.

Revlon 9 “Someone Like You”

Originally released on a limited edition 10” EP Revlon 9 (or Revl9n as they now are known due to issues with a certain cosmetic company) are two girls from Stockholm who perform live with a bass player and drummer. This track has been very hard to get until their album was recently signed to French label Because Music. It’s a dancefloor killer that has never been released in the US.

Shy Child “Summer”

Although their album came out in 2005 this song is just so good we had to put it on this record. They are a New York two-piece whose live drums and vocal synth combo makes for a great live show. Look out for their new album dropping in 2007.

Rinôçerôse “Stop It”

The French guitar/electronic outfit have released four albums, mostly on V2. This track was omitted from the US compilation that the label released instead of their great recent album “Schizophonia”. It was also released on vinyl on Plant Music 12″ Seed016.

The Voices “Sure Thing” (Munk Hacienda Mix)

The Voices are Steve Yanko and Chris Field (although Chris recently moved to the UK so it’s just Steve now). They hail from Toronto and get a wonderful remix by Gomma label bosses Munk. Previously released on Plant Music 12″ Seed011.

Neurotic Drum Band “We’re Gonna Rock New York” (The Glass Remix)

NDB are New York Techno pioneers John Selway and Ulysses who are joined by Metro Area vocalist Dei Lewison. On this great track they go for an old school electro vibe which gets all rocked out by fellow New Yorkers The Glass on this remix. Previously released on Plant Music 12″ Seed015.

The Champagne “Mazatlán”

The Champagne are three New Yorkers who play unusual prog rock sets mixed with heavy synth lines and big build-ups and breakdowns. They also have two very poppy dance songs, one of which is “Mazatlán”, a song from their self-released album “To Golden Gardens”.

Don Cash “Star Dust”

Don Cash is probably the coolest guy in Toronto. The first album we heard from him contained 63 songs in MP3 format. Most of his stuff up until now has been more blues-based, but this, his first venture into Cosmic Disco, is just great. It was previously released on Steve Yanko’s (of The Voices) label Truffle Music as Don Cash “Star Dust E.P” and on his own LP “On The Bus” on Stereoeagle.

The Glass “I’m Off”

A new offering from New York production duo and four piece live act The Glass. The Glass have been featured on all “The Sound of Young New York” compilations, because it is the label owner’s band and that’s how we roll. This is previously unreleased and will be featured on their upcoming debut album.

Alex Gopher “Beep Beep”

An exclusive release from French producer Alex Gopher of Super Discount fame. A proper old school techno track that we are proud to have on this record. Alex’s full length pop album (with Alex on vocals) will be released in January 2007.

33Hz “Digital Lover”

33 Hz make awesome pop music and are true New York City yacht rockers. Their debut album on Denver’s Outlook Music got a little overlooked so we at Plant decided to put out a five track vinyl EP of their dancier cuts so that DJs could get a taste of their 80’s influenced rubber grooves and harmonies. Previously released on Plant Music 12″ Seed014.

DJ Wool “Friend Crush”

DJ Wool was the first artist ever released on Plant back in 1997 with his “100% Pure New Wool” breakbeat tune. Here Wool, also one half of The Glass, goes a little darker with his own vocal chants and edgy beats. Previously unreleased.

Sabotage Orchestra “Everybody”

Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, Sabotage Orchestra are Michel Cleis and Marcello Guiliani. Marcello is famous for his contribution to Erik Truffaz (Blue Note) recordings and live shows. Michel Cleis is a fixture on the Swiss DJ scene and together they make a blend of dance music with live instrumentation.

Alister Doomington “Lovin The Fix” (Photocall Galaxy Mix)

Alister Doomington are Stretch Armstrong (yes, New York hip hop icon) and vocalist Omar Doom. They are joined live and on their newer recordings by New York DJ Eli Escobar and Rafael Orlin on guitar and drums. LA’s Photocall remix appears courtesy of Computer Life Recordings, and brings a dubbed out electro feel to the original.

Ilana “5.05” (Selway Lightwave Remix)

Former New York DJ and Plant Bar resident Ilana Ospina’s (originally from Colombia, now relocated to Barcelona) minimal techno track gets a remix by John Selway. John takes us on a late night electro journey that was one of the earlier Plant 12″es. Still solid and relevant today! Previously Released on Plant Music 12″ Seed004.

Press Reactions

“New York’s other dance rock label quietly curates yet another fine compilation (Plant) It’s fitting that Plant’s office was once situated beneath the DFA’s. While the two labels have long been friends and share a similar music background (dance party DJs turned disco-punk pioneers), the DFA has cashed hefty remix checks like a hipsterati Timbaland while Plant means nothing but a pot and some soil to many. Which is kind of tragic considering how much Keegan has contributed to New York’s nightlife over the past decade, from residences at Centro-Fly and his own popular club Plant Bar to the choice selections he’s slipped into The Sound of Young New York mix series. Plant Music is a much-needed reminder of the label’s consistency, a satisfying unmixed compilation of modern-day Plant classics (Neurotic Drum Band’s “We’re Gonna Rock New York” is like a history lesson of the Lower East Side’s post-everything scene) and previously unreleased cuts (Rinôçerôse’s filthy rock jam “Stop It” and The Glass’ darkwave gem “I’m Off,” both of which feature Keegan on vocals). Pharrell Williams may not ask James Murphy for Keegan’s number anytime soon, but he sure as hell should.” URB Magazine

“Dominique Keegan’s recently released Plant Music compilation, an homage to his much-missed New York fixture, Plant Bar, reads as a latter-day love letter to the DFA dance-punkers and their notorious nightly Bacchanaliae. High-profile remixes by Gomma’s Munk and Who Made Who are on here, but the standout track is “Someone Like You,” by Swedish electro-rockers Revl9n. It offers the sonic equivalent of desire: angular guitars seduce a confrontational drum machine while icy femme-fatale vocals address liberation and desperation in under four minutes. Other highlights are “Digital Lover” by 33 Hz (think Joakim meets Chromeo), “Stop It” by French psychology professors Rinôçerôse, and the anthemic panty dropper “We’re Gonna Rock New York” from Neurotic Drum Band, all of which perfectly encapsulate the attractive (but not vapid) aspects of the downtown party scene.” Earplug

“New York’s indie dance imprint Plant Music is getting ready to drop their next label compilation sometime in November. Some of the talent includes Shy Child, The Voices, The Glass, Alister Doomington, Alex Gopher, Mainline and Neurotic Drum band (aka John Selway & Ulysses). Expect a pastiche of ‘80s post punk and and wonderful sleezy guitars licks.” BPM Magazine

“Plant Music, who you might know from their “This Is The Sound Of Young NY” series, has a new compilation coming out … that I must say is pretty damn good. Well pretty damn good for whatever my opinion is worth I guess. Many of these tracks are exclusive or (until now) have only been available on 12 inch. Plant Music features unmixed favorites from Shy Child, 33Hz, Revlon 9 and many more.
The opening track on the album, WhoMadeWho’s remix of Mainline’s “Black Honey”, is one of the many standouts from the Plant Music compilation. “Black Honey” has been kicking around for a while now, but it sets the tone for the entire disc. It is the perfect late night groove with a dark, sexy bass line and some vox that feel a bit hedonistic — perfect for when you have a few friends over and want something playing in the background. Hell, put this entire disc on and your friends will think you’re cooler than you actually are … I promise. Nobody will know the truth but you and me.”

Audio Files: Listen

The compilation VariousPlant Music” (Plant Music) has been released November 17, 2006.

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