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Monday, Apr 03 2006 | 13:50

>> Secret Rhythms 2

In case you travel by Lufthansa above the ground in May/June check out the CD selection: The complete Secret Rhythms 2 album is featured in the Jazz / Ambient section, first and business class and comes with all information in the Lufthansa magazine. You may also want to listen to Nine Horses “Snow Borne Sorrow”. The complete album is listed in the Pop section for the same period.

>> Friedman interview

Burnt Friedman is featured in The Wire / April issue -Invisible Jukebox-, the 3 page interview was conducted by Mike Barnes in Cologne, March 2006

>> Burnt Friedman & Theo Altenberg release “Surprise Me”, a song concerning life on the football ground, Play Up compilation (Juno / Kontextrecords).

For the legendary Bob Marley two places on this world combined passion and rhythm in the same way: The stage and the football ground. Playing and dancing belonged together. There are many artists from all over the world who still do agree to his point of view. Because of their love of football and of music, the project PlayUp came together: Musicians from Brazil, US, Italy, Portugal, France, Angola, Japan, Spain, Senegal, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and Germany joined in and exclusively wrote and recorded football-songs for this project: PlayUp!

… “Surprise Me” is trying to compress the complexity, the energetic power and the theatrical drama of the play from 90 minutes down to 3 minutes 20. No intro, immediate start of the game, getting close to the penalty area. … Wanna see you dancin’ with the ball. Slow Down. Stop. Need more speed. Make me turnin’ around.” Theo Altenberg

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