Thursday, Mar 30 2006 | 14:11

Strong, emotive and sexy: meet Manchester’s Jenna G. The star of alltime drum & bass classic “Midnight” has taken it to the next level with “For Lost Friends,” the world’s first album of d&b songs. It’s an emotional roller coaster, an insight into a life of heartache, wonder, love and sex. To funnel her feelings, Jenna has worked with some of the hottest production talent in drum & bass, including Shy FX, DJ Zinc and Reprazent’s DJ Krust. The result is rammed with cutting edge sounds and energetic underground beats, but is all soaked in 100% pure Jenna passion.

On “For Lost Friends” – her debut solo album – she lets her imagination and emotions run wild. Sometimes she writes anti-odes to Paris Hilton, about finding inner strength and doing things for yourself. One minute she’s soaring above the earth, discovering untouched lands and unknown animal species. Next she’s describing how her parents want to be buried. Then she’s left alone in a cold flat, left to fight her own demons. In a blink of an eye she’s in passionate lust with someone’s strong arms around her waist. Gentle butterfly kisses flutter down on her back.

Anyone for more? Certainly the finest underground producers from the global d&b community were, with Artificial Intelligence, A Sides, D-Bridge, Shy FX, Zinc, Krust, Friction, Commix, TC1 & Stress Level, Kabuki, Chase & Status, Nu-Tone, Logistics, Total Science and D-Kay all bringing out the best of Jenna in the studio.

“This album is everything that’s happened to me after the success of Midnight,” confesses Jenna. “All the personal stuff that’s happened, like having my heart broken a thousand times. My heart is never mended … but as long as there’s a good song at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

You might also know Jenna from her BBC radio show. On weekends you can find Jenna presenting on black music station 1Xtra. You might also know her from her work with producers like So Solid’s JD, Zed Bias’ Phuturistix and Roll Deep. Though deep in her music, she’s also got some interesting acting credits including working with Danny ‘Trainspotting’ Boyle in “Strumpet” and last year she featured in Channel 4’s “Shameless” Christmas special. “I was ‘woman with giro’ and I had two lines,” she chuckles.

If you want to see Jenna in her element though, it’s in the vocal booth. Some production don like Zinc or Shy FX will be behind the mixing desk, but the miracle will be happening at the mic. Pure passion, neat soul, 100% emotion will be flowing over a runnin’ d&b beat. And once she’s poured her heart out, people can’t help but respond.

“I’m really humbled: I go into raves and people are like ‘I can’t wait for the album, it will be a killer!’ As long as fans like that are dying for it, then I’m really happy – because that’s me. If I wasn’t in the studio a lot I’d be in clubs in a t-shirt sweating. Because that’s what it’s all about!”


01. In Love
02. Healing
03. Ooo
04. Woe
05. Don’t Bury Me
06. You
07. Quick Love
08. Pleasure Ride
09. For My Lost Friends
10. Cry Solitaire
11. Supersounds
12. Silent Wonder
13. Oh No
14. Mic

The album Jenna GFor Lost Friends” (Bingo) is going to be released March 31, 2006.

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