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Monday, Mar 06 2006 | 14:26


– responses: Secret Rhythms Vol.2
– live in Cologne / first show after 6 years: Liebezeit + Friedman
– Nine Horses award
– new Nonplace project: Root 70
– Friedman remixed Tosca

> >- just released: Secret Rhythms Vol.2, B.Friedman & J.Liebezeit


Secret Rhythms 2 is addictive, and the more I listen, the more I want to listen to it, its predecessors and its hopeful successors. (

It’s difficult to categorize, but easy to enjoy. (

After a few spins, Secret Rhythms 2 reveals a multiplicity of rhythmic approaches. There are definitely many influences from rhythm patterns around the globe but for the most part the instruments and ambience associated with these patterns is completely subsumed into Friedman and Liebezeit’s highly programmed “inner world music”. (Exclaim, Canada)

(…) singer David Sylvian and guitarist Joseph Suchy are drafted in to add texture, melody and harmony to the hypnotic structures, helping create an album that’s both mystical and mellow ­ an ideal if idiosyncratic chill out option. (

The record is available on CD and 2×12″, go to the mailorder section if you want to purchase the record.

TRACKLISTING: 01 Sikkerhed 4:21, 02 The Sticks 8:16, 03 The Librarian feat DAVID SYLVIAN 8:15, 04 Mikrokasper 3:38, 05 Niedrige Decken 8:10, 06 Broken Wind Repair 4:58, 07 Fearer 6:54, 08 Caracoles 4:29 (CD ONLY), 08 Wirklich 3:19 (LP ONLY)

> >- live date Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit

After 6 years, Friedman & Liebezeit play live in Cologne

11.03.2006 – Stadtgarten, Cologne (WDR Jazznight)

The concert starts at 20:00 !

Since their first collaborative album “Secret Rhythms” came out on Nonplace in 2002, Friedman & Liebezeit have been playing live around the globe, playing, recording and improving cyclic odd meter grooves. Lined up for the group´s live appearance is Hayden Chisholm (Root 70), playing clarinet and melodica.

Booking contact: Florian Joeckel,

> >- Nine Horses win stuff

Nine Horses was awarded by the German phonographic critics alongside with Kate Bush´s Aerial as being the best CD of the first quarter of 2006 in the category Pop- and Rockmusic.

> >- new on NONPLACE – ROOT 70

Release in MAY 2006
Record title: HEAPS DUB

Hayden Chisholm- saxophone, clarinet, melodica, band arrangements
Nils Wogram – trombone
Matt Penman – double bass
Jochen Rueckert – drums
Burnt Friedman – production, edits, dub
Black Sifichi – voice on Revivitator

Press release

These days, it’s all about reconstruction. Well, actually it’s always been about that. Only that in this day and age, with all those electronic devices surrounding us, there’s so many more possibilities to re-arrange, re-play, re-mix and re-cycle. But while most musical reconstruction today is depending on electronic means, HEAPS DUB presents a slightly different approach. Burnt Friedman´s various projects – that often cross the borders of the most traditional jazz while being produced in Friedman’s own genuine electronic style – experience an acoustic makeover on this album.

The ten tracks assembled on HEAPS DUB all come from the diverse albums Friedman has released with the projects Flanger – together with Atom – The Nu Dub Players and also solo on his Nonplace label from 2000-2004. This selection was chosen by Hayden Chisholm, long-time collaborator of Friedman in the various live outfits with which the two tour the world together. Chisholm is also part of the acclaimed jazz band ROOT 70 who have now come to play the once electronically conceived brain children of Friedman in a somewhat classic jazz quartet style – acoustic, from the page, and live.

HEAPS DUB therefore presents the reconstruction of the reconstruction: Friedman in his original programmed work has always tried to come as close as it gets to the authenticity of natural instruments and the spirit of a band playing – to question the very principle of “natural”. ROOT 70 on this album have “re-naturalized” the programmed works of Friedman – not necessarily to question the very principle of “programmed”, but to show that these works are true songs in their own right, as well as musical favourites, no matter what the overall circumstances might be.

HEAPS DUB comes full cycle with the final production, editing and overdubs that Burnt Friedman did after Hayden Chisholm, Nils Wogram, Matt Penman and Jochen Rueckert had recorded their versions of his diverse songs. There are four dub tunes and four latin-jazz songs as well as a spoken word collage and a smooth jazz track on the album. Connecting them is the general length of five minutes per track – and the unmistakable timeless quality of Friedman’s songwriting. And songwriting is, as we all should know by now, just another form of reconstruction.

On tour
In January 2006 Root 70 recorded another new album in New York City. The new pieces will be released on Intuition in autumn 2006. The group goes on tour in Ireland 10.-25.10.2006 and Europe from 2.- 19.11. 2006.

> >- Friedman remixed Tosca

Burnt Friedman´s remix of Tosca (Richard Dorfmeister, Rupert Huber) is now released on the remix compilation Souvenir (G-Stone, K7). The remix features Theo Altenberg singing and Hayden Chisholm playing reeds.

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