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Thursday, Jan 05 2006 | 16:21

“The Sound of Young New York” & “The Sound Of Young NY & Toronto” surpassed Plant Music’s expectations with regard to how well received it was by press, consumers, even DJs and industry types. In compiling a second volume it was important for them to change the mold of the mix CD a little. Where as the 1st compilation draws from quite a tight net of artists and remixers in a certain scene in New York at the time, the 2nd attempts to stretch a little further from the world of indie dance to also include some HipHop & rock artists.

The CD is, of course, mixed DJ style for optimum enjoyment (again by Dominique and DJ Wool), allows to make bands that may be less dance leaning come off a little bit more so and also flow the way a DJ can & Mp3 player cannot (not that they do not love their IPODs). Included in this volume are tunes from !!! (pronounced ‘Chk Chk Chk’) whose album on Touch&Go has created much excitement, Elefant, which has never been released on vinyl. Wu Tang’s RZA appears here with French producer I:Cube. Exclusive tracks are featured from The Glass, Itchy Revolutions and The Voices. Output Recordings new darlings Dead Combo, whose live performances have been creating quite a stir are also included as well as Vice record’s The Stills, Ursula 1000’s remix of The Faint and hip house artist D’Boldiss.


01. Itchy Revolutions – Face Me
02. The Faint – Your Retro Career Melted (Ursula 1000 RMX)
03. Boldiss – Freak Huh ? (The Glass Dub)
04. I:Cube feat. RZA – Can You Deal With That?
05. The Stills – Still In Love Song (12” Extended Mix)
06. !!! (chk chk chk) – Me & Guliani Down By The Schoolyard
07. The Voices – Sure Thing (NYC Extended Mix)
08. The Glass – Forever
09. Elefant – Bokkie
10. Dead Combo – You Don’t Look So Good


“Don’t fucking tell me about dance elements in rock coming and going and how you can only have the brain or the balls, but never both at the same time. Because you’re wrong, you dick. (PS: Your breath smells bad, too.) This is 2nd comp by Plant Music, the sister label of New York’s Plant bar, and when you hear the shit on here from The Glass, !!!, Elefant, Dead Combo, I:Cube and more, you shall know this to be true: Your brain likes to dance around a bit, too, and your sweaty little balls sometimes just want to stay home and read.” James Flick (Vice Magazine)

The compilation VariousThe Sound Of Young New York Vol.2” (Plant Music) is going to be released February 02, 2006.

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