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Wednesday, Dec 21 2005 | 13:26

Phi-Life Cypher’s front man and freestyle master Life has had a busy 2005, stepping up his game – he has toured extensively, taking in European cities, sharing the stage with KRS 1 in Amsterdam, dropping in to Glastonbury and self-funding, releasing and promoting a street level mixtape. He has been invited to perform at Eton College, joined Westwood on his BBC Radio 1 Rap Show, worked alongside Dizzee Rascal in the forthcoming British feature film ‘Rolling With The Nines’ and recording songs for the soundtrack. In his recent first straight up freestyle battle he narrowly missed out on representing the UK at The Power Summit for $50,000 in Hawaii, getting the backing from the UK’s MOBO award winning Sway ahead of his competitor.

So, what better way to complete the year than to finish his second solo album “Realities Of Life”.

“The first album was about straight battle lyrics to introduce me as a solo artist – whereas “Realities Of Life” has more of a reflective outlook to it” says Life. Having always displayed a conscious viewpoint in his music, “Realities Of Life” was a logical progression, taking in subjects that have a direct influence on 21st century life in the UK, such as domestic violence, drug abuse and the war in Iraq.

Production comes in the main from long time PLC partner and good friend DJ Nappa. The two artists combine to create the perfect background canvas, conjuring deftly the ideal soundscapes for Life’s poetic stream of consciousness. Nappa is also joined by long time PLC collaborator and ex-Scratch Pervert Mr. Thing, a ridiculously skilled DJ and well respected producer in his own right, pitching in here with 4 tracks and all of the cuts.

The result? “Realities Of Life” – a well-crafted and honest long player from one of the UK’s most respected artists.

“Life is the freestyle king of the UK” Rodney P

“One of the most conscious and innovative rappers to grace the genre” Dazed & Confused

“If you ever get the chance to catch Life live – take it! He always delivers the goods on stage” Straight No Chaser

“Definitely one of the most skilled lyricists in the UK at the moment” IDJ

The album LifeRealities Of Life” (Zebra Traffic) is going to be released February 10, 2006.

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