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Long heralded by critics as one of the finest groups to emerge from the underground hip hop scene, The Lone Catalysts are finally set to release their 2nd LP “Good Music” in November 2005.

“Good Music”, which features guest appearances from Masta Ace, El Da Sensai, Grap Luva, Jonell, Mix Master Ice (UTFO) and many other artist, will undoubtedly become one of the most important and talked about independent releases of the year. “Good Music” is a fusion of rap, soul, funk, jazz, latin and blues music. “Good Music” is the perfect follow up to Lone Catalysts’ classic debut “Hip Hop”.

“This album is for everyone that is not just looking for a ‘hot single'”, explains J. Sands. “Today it seems that the record industry does not care about how a whole album is developed. I am very proud of what we created.”

The first release from the Lone Catalysts, “The Beginning EP”, was released in August 1998. It contained a six-song menu starting off with the title track “The Beginning” and including the songs “Paper Chase”, “Lone Catalysts”(short version), “Heirs”, “Thin As Paper” and “New Recruits”. Distributed mainly in the Midwest of the USA, “The Beginning EP” introduced The Cats to the people.

Then it was on: the Lone Catalysts released a few 12″ singles which gained them success as well as live shows all over the world. Due to their grassroots following, the demand for an album was inevitable. The album titled “Hip Hop” was what these boys delivered in 2001. It featured only one song that included guests, “Due Process” with Talib Kweli and Rubix, the group went against the grain at that time of oversaturated guest appearances on albums so they could represent themselves. It worked out well, with rave reviews everywhere.

Well, how time flies when you’re having fun. People have been were waiting to hear if they can do it again. During the Supperappin tour in Europe in 2002, the boys came up with the title to their second LP, “Good Music”. With songs recorded and ready to drop, they wanted to add something extra this time. “The Catalysts Files” was released in 2002 as a teaser, until the “Good Music” project was completed. With the ever-changing climate in the recording industry, it took longer than expected.

During the quest to finish the album, the group traveled all around America to put the pieces together. They drove from state to state to meet up with artists they desired for the project. Recording in living rooms (big props to El Da Sensei’s moms), garages, wherever had to be done to get the proper pieces together. So now it’s done, ready for the world … but is the world ready for “Good Music”?


01. Intro
02. Brothers Keeper
03. Ones We Miss
04. En La Ciudad
05. Once Before feat. Jonell
06. 100 Bar Dash feat. Mr. Complex, El Da Sensei, Wordsworth, Lil Sci, Thes One & PA Flex from the 3rd
07. La La La La feat. Donte from Mood and Piakhan
08. Afta Da Jawn feat. Lavan Davis
09. Survival feat. Chauncey
10. By My Damn Self pt. I
11. The Hustle feat. Venus Malone
12. Taboo feat. Masta Ace
13. L.I.F.E. feat. Grap Luva and Asheru
14. The Right feat. Rashad
15. By My Damn Self pt. II feat. Angie Allie
16. The Ultimate
17. Good Music (The Bullsh*t)
18. Bad Music feat. Mix Master Ice
19. Destiny (CD bonus track)

The album The Lone CatalystsGood Music” (Superrappin / B.U.K.A.) is out now!

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