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Friday, Sep 16 2005 | 17:39

D.I.T.C member O.C. recently signed with indie hip-hop conglomerate Hiero Imperium and will release his fifth solo album entitled Smoke & Mirrors on 30th October, 2005.

When people talk about MC’s who are under-appreciated, O.C.’s name is always mentioned. His history of under-promoted albums and music industry drama has plagued him throughout his career. Despite releasing four critically acclaimed solo releases and having tracks on a dozen movie soundtracks, O.C. has remained largely unnoticed by the masses. Armed with Smoke & Mirrors and backed by one of the most respected independent hip-hop labels, Hiero Imperium, “King of the Underground” O.C. is ready to finally get the recognition he deserves., O.C. is excited about his new venture with Hiero. For the first time in his career, he has been given full control over the artistry of his music. Says O.C., “Knowing my history and work ethic Hiero said to me, ‘We don’t have to babysit you, just do your thing.’ Now, how many labels do you know of that say that to their artists?” What drew O.C. to the label was not only their mutual respect for each other but also the fact that Hiero took control of their destiny after getting fed up with dealing with other labels. Explains O.C., “The cats from Hiero experienced the same music industry bulllsh*t as me. They were smart and established their own company back in the mid 90’s and have been steadily growing ever since. I think part of the reason for their success is their egalitarian attitude. With Hiero, I’m treated more like a partner than just an artist.” O.C. is the first East Coast artist to be affiliated with the label since it was established in 1997.
Smoke & Mirrors is a concept album based on themes of contradiction and hypocrisy that run rampant in the entertainment industry as seen through O.C.’s eyes. This album is another instant classic for the famed “King of the Underground.” Smoke & Mirrors will be available for purchase on 30th October on Hiero Imperium


01. Intro “ Smoke And Mirrors
02. You Made Me
03. Martyr
04. My Way
05. Emotions
06. Distortion
07. Going Nowhere
08. Young World
09. Gone
10. The Good The Bad The Ugly
11. Guns And Butter
12. I’m Da Boss
13. Challenge Y’all
14. Brothers Keeper
15. What I Need
16. Shorty
17. This Is Me
18. Coldwaxa Speaks

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