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Thursday, Aug 25 2005 | 17:24

A.R.E. Weapons are a NYC band consisting of Matthew McAuley (Guitar), Brain F McPeck (Vocals), manager / musician Paul Sevigny (Keyboards) and Erik Rapin (Drums). Their self titled debut album released in 2003 by Rough Trade garnered critical acclaim a wide fan base stateside. Now 2 years later the band is ready to follow up their success with “Free in the Streets“. The Weapons have long moved on from fashion band to bona fide rock band with a strong following which was build up through consistent nation-wide touring the past 2 years. Integral part of the Weapons experience is throwing parties/showz that draw crazers of all sorts (drug addicts, gallery owners, actress people, model things, fashion dorks, music nerds, criminals, and ultimately the police), the Weapons have inevitably earned a reputation for being wild and bold with the balls to back it up. Not content neither with retro-retard rock nor electro-amateurism, the Weapons have created a sound high on energy, long on musicality, and rife with pissed off, but ultimately positive, messages.

The album A.R.E. WeaponsFree In The Streets” (Defend Music) is going to be released October 17, 2005.

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