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Looptroop formed in VästerÃ¥s, Sweden, 1992. The band consist of four members: producer/DJ Embee and the lyricists Promoe, Cosmic & Supreme.

Dj Mc Marshall (later to be known as EMBEE) and his classmate Marcie Cee shared a newfound love of hiphop music in the early 90’s. The rest of the jerks in the school didn’t get it, and the two were both excited about having something that was their own and eager to let some more people in on the secret. One day they would laugh about who in school looked least likely to be able to rap. They soon decided it was definitely that longhaired, loud-mouthed, tight jeans wearing dude in the 8th grade: Mc MÃ¥rten (Promoe).

Some months later Dj Mc Marshall and Mc MÃ¥rten recorded their first song, and many more were to come. They would team up with two other young guys from their hometown of VästerÃ¥s, Sweden and eventually take on the name Looptroop that now reigns supreme over nearly every continent. Mellow T (Cosmic) was one of the two guys that joined forces with them. He used to be in another VästerÃ¥s crew called The Hot Dogs, and before that it was Groovy Soundsystem.

“I remember seeing Cosmic battling some of his old crew members at a highschool disco,” reminisces Promoe. “This was before I knew him, and I have a clear memory of how the kids he was battling were reading their lyrics off big pieces of paper on the stage floor while performing. I was not impressed,” he says.

Supreme joined the crew some years later, says Embee, telling us how they met at different house parties around town. He was in a hardcore band called Aggressive Contrast and I invited him to to make a song, or rather kick a verse or two, at The Wax Cabinet. Up till this day he still refuses to listen to that first recording and even when we listen to old Looptroop songs that we recorded before he was in the group he runs out like his pants are on fire.

Now, 14 years after Embee and Promoe took their first stumbling steps into the world of music, and seven years after Looptroop founded their record company David vs. Goliath it’s time for the third Looptroop album called Fort Europa to be released to the public. It’s been almost 40 releases from the DvsG’s “ most recently Promoe’s Long Distance Runner and Embee’s Grammy award winning Tellings From Solitaria. They’ve continued their collaboration with punk label Burning Heart Records that will license the new album just as they did “Modern Day City Symphony” (2000) and “The Struggle Continues” (2002).

Looptroop has earned a lot of fame from extensive touring and a very powerful liveshow. Their booking agent made a promise a while back that he would break up all their relationships with their girlfriends from constantly sending them on the road. Make sure you catch them on tour with their new album “Fort Europa”.

The new Looptroop album “Fort Europa” (David vs Goliath) is going to be released May 09, 2005.

Snippets from upcoming Looptroop album “Fort Europa” (9MB)

Looptroop Tourdates:

01 Stockholm (S) – Medborgarplatsen
05 Köpenhamn (DK) – Ungdomshuset
06 Aarhus (DK) – Train
07 Bergen (N) – Bergenfest
08 Oslo (N) – Rockefeller
12 Linköping (S) – Platens
15 Lund (S) – Mejeriet
24 Helsinki (FI) – Tavastia
27 Tarragona (E) – XXL JAM
28 Còrdoba, Sevilla (E) – ORANGE JAM
29 San Sebastián (E) – Sala Kandela
01 Amsterdam (NL) – Melkweg
02 Utrecht (NL) – Tivoli
03 Neuenburg (D) – Regio Jam
04 Verona (I)
05 Winherthur (CH) – Salzhaus
06 Salzburg (A) – Rockhaus
07 Munich (D) – Backstage
08 Vienna (A) – WUK
18 Hultsfred (S) – Hultsfredsfestivalen
19 Frauenfeld (CH) – Frauenfeld Open Air
25 Holbaek (DK) – Elverket
01 Münster (D) – 24th World Championships of Skateboarding
02 Bonn (D) – Rheinhiphop at Rheinkultur
08 Borlänge (S) – Peace & Love
16 Stuttgart (D) – Hip Hop Open
06 Chemnitz (D) – Splash
20 Biel (CH) – Royal Open Air

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