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Thursday, Mar 17 2005 | 16:43

Ben Addison grew up as a twin. He and his brother Scott found an early interest in music. In the car and in the home, their father would play a mix of music including Barbara Streisand, Errol Garner, Oscar Peterson, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Sergio Mendes and so on. But also they were both very motivated by a lot of music on TV. TV was the main introduction to the likes of Lalo Schifrin, Jerry Goldsmith, Henry Mancini, Michel Legrand, Mike Post, Alan Tew, Ronnie Hazlehurst and Dudley Moore. The first records they bought however, were Queen, Thin Lizzy and then the Sex Pistols. Ben wanted to play drums more than anything and Scott, guitar.

Brigandage was the first group worth mentioning, who appeared on the front cover of NME magazine in 1983 through a feature on ‘positive punk’. The scene was really the birth of Goth Rock in London, but Ben and Scott were only interested in imitating the Sex Pistols. ( Ben played drums and Scott played bass.)

A few years later they formed the band Boys Wonder, with Ben singing and Scott on guitar. The music was still guitar rock, but involving such diverse influences as The Who, the film A Clockwork Orange and the fashion / art icon Leigh Bowery. This band released 3 singles to a mixed reaction, but was received very well by Adam Ant, who contacted the band and soon they spent a weekend writing and recording demos with the Ants guitarist, Marco Pirroni. After seven years, the band’s music had moved, more towards funk and rare groove and so against a cultural backdrop of Acid House, it was time for another change.

Christmas Eve 1991 saw the first Corduroy gig. This was the most successful band, with album sales peaking at 100,000 copies on two occasions, released through legendary 90s acid jazz records imprint. Label mates with Jamiroquai, the Brand New Heavies and the James Taylor Quartet, the band toured and recorded 5 albums over 9 years. They went to Japan 6 times, once to do a whole week of just press interviews. Blur had been using a Corduroy track to introduce their live gigs and in 1995 invited Corduroy to play with them at London’s Alexandra Palace. The line-up included Supergrass and Pulp. At the end of that year, Corduroy received much daytime radio play & had come 6th best liveband in a Melody Maker magazine readers poll!

The band had trouble however with their record company with poor handling of two possible hit singles, and a lot of royalties owed to the band. Ben decided they should break the deal and move on. Eventually they managed this, but the momentum was gone. Corduroy’s last album was recorded with Rob Playford (Goldie’s writer / producer) and was the most progressive, but their new label collapsed and the LP wasn’t officially released. After a long, fun career, the Addison’s decided they had enough, and the band split. Corduroy music is still heard round the world, in clubs and on TV including a worldwide TV campaign for Apple / Macintosh and the I-Pod early 2004.

DJ Henry Storch at Unique Records in Düsseldorf had become a good friend through european touring and suggested Ben to do some 12″ releases with his label. Then followed an album “Go Human, Not Ape” This was the first album Ben had really done on his own, an it has led to many remix opportunities. Since moving to Düsseldorf in 2002, Ben has remixed Bobby Hebb (the writer of ‘Sunny’), Victor Davies, Mo Horizons, Maxwell Implosion, Eli Goulart and Tom Jones among others.

Now he’s back with his second album “The Out Of Towner“. šAn autobiographical instrumental LP’, claims the drummer, singer, writer and producer. Although no stranger to songwriting, Ben has chosen instrumental forms for a second album.

šI got nothing I really need to say right now – I’m white, middle class, living in western Europe and there is not much for me to complain about. I am so bored with too many songs just saying rubbish, I thought; why bother? Writing lyrics for other people or a brief is easy, but when it’s for yourself, it ain’t.’

Ben’s themic dancefloor tracks were engineered this time round with Michael Scheibenreiter of Phoneheads & Swimmingpool fame. šI put the tracks together at home, but choose to mix with a good engineer. A second pair of ears always helps, and I am l ucky to know good people in Düsseldorf.’ Other good people he got involved on the album are DJ Rafik (Triple world champion of the ITB competition,) Dr. Ben and of course, his brother Scott.

The album Ben HumanThe Out Of Towner” (Unique Records) is going to be released April 25, 2005.

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