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Thursday, Mar 17 2005 | 16:23

Sonorama Records comes up with the first volume in a series of funky library compilations from Germany for the pleasure of all old school DJs, beatheadz, sample addicts and jazz afficionados out there. “Puppet Jazz” is a record full of rare dope beats, most of them never released before – a first time musical collection of hidden tracks from the West German jazz and library jazz scene of the late 60s and early 70s.

Most of the tracks were lost or forgotten in archives, some of them simply vanished on long deleted vinyl or so called “library Lps” not available to the public and only for inclusion in movies, on tv, for advertising or within radio programmes. They featured hidden commercial dancefloor jazz with a deep hint towards the psychedelic funk and soul sounds of the time, while the German music majors and press were hunting the next “real thing” from the US instead. Commercial German “puppet jazz” simply couldn’t compete with a hip and stylish musical forerunner from Overseas. Nevertheless, German publishers increased the recording work for their libraries, employing some of the best German jazz musicians in order to sell their original sounding material solely to the media and not to the consumer – a cheaper possibility for corporate advertising without paying expensive license fees for the big international names from abroad – and the only reason, why most of the presented material “from behind the scenes” was actually recorded.

German jazz did not sell except for some media shopping of cool sounds, while the record industry focused their marketing on the licensing of megasellers from the US instead of building a solid German catalogue “ a dilemma for most of the best German jazz artists who had to search for foreign opportunities to make a career. Most European, especially German recordings were simply undervalued and the timeless and fashionable grooves on this compilation should finally prove the high quality of the former West German scene: From “low brow” organ groovers over small groups and big brass bands, with astounding arrangements and production work, presenting rough bass lines, drums and percussion, funky wah wah guitars, flutes and driving moog sounds by legendary or unjustly forgotten German musicians, composers and arrangers.

On our run through publishers` archives, scientific approaches on the telephone and internet, or prowling around countless piles of old vinyl records at flea markets and stores, we selected our memorable favourites one by one. Sad to realize then, that licensing of many ˜lost’ gems from record collections will remain impossible in the nearby future, due to the disappearance of rights, and access to composers, authors or musicians. Nevertheless, we are glad to combine these 14 remarkable tracks from our wish list, carefully remastered from the original tapes or corresponding library vinyl, released by kind permission from artists and original publishers. And we are ready for more old German puppets to come down from their shelves in the nearby future. Our deepest respect to all the people involved and to everybody who helped in making this rare selection happen.


01. Klaus Weiss – Don`t Play That Game 1
02. Gerhard Narholz – Ufo Invasion
03. Fred Rabold – Intercity
04. Ambros Seelos – Brass Glitter
05. Edgar Schlepper – Wake Up In The Morning
06. Gus Brendel – Sax On The Rocks
07. Berry Lipman – BL Special
08. Eugen Illin – Madison Square 1
09. Joe Haider – Last Time
10. Klaus Weiss – Watch Out 3
11. Berry Lipman – Exotic Drums “aka Hot Track”
12. Bob Elger – Beach Buggy
13. Klaus Esser – Soul Lady
14. Ady Zehnpfennig – Easter Afternoon

The compilation VariousPuppet Jazz” (Sonorama Records) is going to be released in April 2005.

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