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Friday, Feb 18 2005 | 14:40

This is a band that defines the loveable, raunchy sound of instrumental organ funk. Long known for the awesome “Hot Pants Breakdown”, the Soul Toronados have more Hammond funk grooves to offer, and here they all are in one collection.

The Heller brothers played drums and organ together in Akron, Ohio since they were kids. They had been soaking up the vibes of funk for years, for their mother’s home was known in Akron as a place where travelling musicians such as Jimmy Smith and Brother Jack McDuff could come and stay, and maybe spend some time teaching the brothers some musical tricks. So the brothers formed The Soul Toronados with two school friends, and during their teenage years took the opportunity to sign a recording contract with a local producer. One all-night session later, and their three 45s were recorded.

But what 45s they are! Each side has what every funk meister is craving to hear – chugging bass, scratchy guitar of course a screaming top end organ that’s pitched just right! The rare originals have now been collectors items for years, commanding high prices by DJs and collectors around the world. But now they are all available on one CD, or as three 7″s in a limited edition box set, complete with full liner notes, unpublished pictures and original label artwork. The CD even has a bonus track, the Soul Toronados covering a mental version of a James Brown song “ recorded live!


01. Hot Pants Breakdown
02. Boot’s Groove Attack
03. Go For Yourself
04. Funky Thing
05. Crazy Legs
06. Bobby’s Mood
07. Superbad (Bonus Live Track)

The album Soul Toronados – The Complete Recordings (Jazzman) is going to be released March 21, 2005.

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