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Friday, Feb 04 2005 | 11:33

Another musical masterpiece is coming from the ever cinematic German wunderkind Simon V. Once again Simon Vs sound is distinctive, soulful, deep, diverse in style and always a step further than functional audio design pieces for the dancefloor.

In true Swabian spirit he has engineered an album consisting of anthems, slammers, epic tunes, soulful vocal tracks, positive vibrations and innovative sound in typical Simon V crispness:

“Icebreaker” is one of the most recognized tunes coming out of Germany the last years and would work perfectly as an introduction for the next Olympic Games. “Keep The Faith”, another melodic anthem, introduces the upcoming voice of Shoot The Kitten. “The Outpost” slams with deep chords and big bass. “High Spirits” keeps the beats driving, but lightens up with cheerful melodies just before “On & Off Superlove”, another vocal track featuring Shoot The Kitten, takes us to the lighter side of life. “No Time To Cry” responds with a wonderful feel of bitter sweet and rolling drums on a 20/4ths pattern. “Bomb On The Beach” is a classic again, with all positive vibes to get people rocking like a speedboat on the Carribean sea. Lovely. “Inner Surface” gets more technical and trippy with drums played by the mighty NY drummer god Jojo Mayer (, followed by the next drummer-feature played by MC Double J. and Jörg Bielfeldt in a heavy load of beats’n’bass called “Odysseus”. The galleys are on the way! “Rainclouds”, another Simon V classic, moves in with dark chords before “Traveller” takes us on a post-apocalyptic trip. “Journey’s End” closes the album with a melancholic outlook with shuffle beats “ a real jazzy feel.

Simon V started out as a classic bedroom producer, back in the days of FastTracking with Atari ST. By consistently working hard he managed to push his production skills to an international level and has, since the beginning, relied on his PC only (no other equipment needed!). It is an amazing experience to see him compose his tracks. He literally hacks them into his computer rarely even touching the mouse, as if someone was writing a script for another big blockbuster. Simon V definitely stands apart from the typical underground-bad-boy-Drum’n’Bass-cliché. But just like James Bond would only be half the fun without Qs gadgets, German Drum’n’Bass wouldn’t be what it is now without Simon V.

Simon V “ audio pusherman, because he can!


“A great deal more dynamic than the majority of UK output.” Vinyl-Net UK, Feb 2000

“One of the plainest and best producer of the German Drum and Bass scene.” De:Bug Germany, Nov 1999

“Simon V does chrome-sparkling Drum’n’Bass-supernovas easily offhand.” Groove Germany, April/Mai 1999

“One of the kingpins of the German scene.” Rewind CAN, April 2001

“The true master of hymn-like drum’n’bass.” Jungle Voodoo US, Juni 2003

“L’ambassadeur de la drum and soul.” Bomb Da Bass F, Nov/Dez 2000

“I’m feeling Simons sound … deep as I like it.” High Contrast, 2002

“Definitely one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year and by far one of the best things that I’ve heard coming from outside the UK!” Polar on “Rainclouds”, 1999

The album Simon VBecause We Can” (Santorin) is going to be released March 7, 2005.

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