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Born 1977 in Mount-New-City, Eye Dew started his musical career at the age of 12. He used to play sax’n’drums in several non-profit bands before he discovered the magic and beauty of house music in 1995. Since then Eye Dew a.k.a. Harmfried Höltzenbach has been spinning records, organizing illegal parties and producing tight beats with subtle melodic elements. In 2003 Ludger v. Bömmeren and himself founded the Hartchef Discos record label to invite the world to listen and dance to the typical Hartchef-sound coming from Cologne-Kalk. In January 2005 Eye Dew released his debut “Find Me In The Backyardbasement*” – a four track 12″ featuring heart warming basslines and a lovely energetic atmosphere.

Also watch out for Audio Werner and his brilliant new tunes which will be released in spring 2005 on Hartchef Discos.

01. Audio Werner – HCF04, HCF05 CDRs (Hartchef)
02. DJ Genesis – A Tribute To Betty (Genesis)
03. Error Error – It Hits My Hair (Italic)
04. Guido Schneider – Bassism (Pokerflat)
05. Induceve – Pick It Up EP (Dubsided)
06. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell – Mind Bend (Palette)
07. Magick Johnson – Feel Alright (Solid Groove Mix) (NRK)
08. Stevie Kotey – 4 in 1 EP (Bearfunk)
09. The Missing Link – Cracker Smoke (Wagon Repair)
10. The Vanisher – The Tic Tac Tactic (Osborne Mix) (Spectral)

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