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Wednesday, Dec 15 2004 | 16:42

Abstract instrumental music for fans of DJ Shadow, Ammon Contact, Lex Records, Anticon, Prefuse 73. Ish’s latest release brings you Chicago’s finest producers Dreas and Meaty Ogre (Galapagos4 and Heardrums), Switzerland’s Dimlite (Sonar Kollektiv), DJ Cutmando, Fadri and Lexx, Germany’s Deckard alongside Ish’s own producers Justin Sayne and Reezm.

The Now Factor” is the definite collection of cutting-edge producer work by the likes of Dimlite, Justin Sayne, Meaty Ogre or Reezm, already standing as a landmark for sublime abstract Hip Hop instrumentals or downbeat. An amalgamation of sampling virtuosity, extricated funkiness and the obscure knowledge of dusty drum breaks. Ish brings you a twenty-three tracks heavy soundscape that ranges from the crunchy and acerbic to the elusive and mellow. A cluster of variety hold together only by it’s firm immediacy “ factorizing intuitive and immediate expressions down to an irreducible set: The Now Factor.


01. Intro “ Lexx
02. In Groups To The Hydrando “ Dimlite
03. Kabalaba “ Fadri
04. Strudel Chop “ Reezm
05. Interlude “ Cutmando
06. Changes At Dawn “ Lexx
07. Crossing The Bridge “ Dreas
08. The Word Now Is A Pleonasm “ Justin Sayne
09. Retrograde Changes “ Dreas
10. One Horse Town “ Reezm
11. Crawling Under “ Deckard
12. Koreander “ Meaty Ogre
13. Almost Famous “ Lexx
14. Interlude “ Dimlite
15. Alo “ Fadri
16. Je Ne Joue Part I “ Meaty Ogre
17. Je Ne Joue Part II “ Meaty Ogre
18. The Duke Of Room 660 “ Reezm
19. Young Punk “ Justin Sayne
20. Granny’s Groove “ Cutmando
21. Summer Gangster (Chicago) “ Dreas
22. In Da Net “ Deckard
23. Outro “ Justin Sayne

The compilation Various – The Now Factor (Ish) is going to be released February 14, 2005.

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