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Friday, Dec 10 2004 | 13:39

In a recent review, New York’s Top“Shop Turntable Lab describes it the best way: “it’s just the hottest raw electronic disco thang.”

Hiltmeyer it’s a 27-year-old guy who comes from a familiy of US-soldiers who preferred to stay in Germany and marry into a genuine Munich bunch: Hiltmeyer’s grandma (who raised him) had been working as a waitress at the famous Hofbräuhaus and the Oktoberfest for 20 years. Hiltmeyer is well known in the Munich club scene for being an excellent DJ. He was raised in a part of Munich where a lot of Munich’s techno producers like Zombie Nation, Richard Bartz or the Disko B / Chicks on Speed people pass their time: Sendling.

A Born – as he likes to point out – “Elvis fan”, Hiltmeyer was a precocious child. By the age of 9 he started buying Elvis records (with stolen money) and ended up having a collection of 100 albums, which he sold when he was 14 in order to do some partying instead. He started to get into the sound that was called “Cosmic Music” in Southern Europe: a dance music movement that was developed in Northern Italy back in the early 80s and ruled the scene from North Italy through Austria and South Germany till the Mid 90s. The original Cosmic as Hiltmeyer Inc likes it is a very funky special way to select and mix Italodisco B – Sides, Afro funk, Protoelectro and early Detroit techno. Nowadays, Hiltmeyer Inc takes the Italian disco attitude and translates it into his fresh personal style with a futuristic, elegant techno flavour. Pornotrance from outta space!

A few years ago, Hiltmeyer discovered the MPC and was quite impressed by that machine. He bought one for himself, but didn’t have the equipment to save the songs he was producing. His friends used to come over, they got trashed together, checked out the daily tune, and when they fell asleep, he switched off the MPC and the daily song was gone. Finally, the Gommaguys gave him a “ZIP” “ machine and he started developing his songs. The first tracks “Narkotik!” and the 12″ called “I come from München Sendling and I don’t give a fuck!” were a favourite of Kompakt’s Tobias Thomas and Parisian DJ Chloe. One track will get used on the next “Kill the DJ” mix compilation of Paris˜ Pulp Club.

The cover was designed by Munich’s WON – the Jesus is an original acrylic painting. Graphic work by PAZE who does most of the Gomma artwork.

The album Hiltmeyer Inc. – Sendling 70 (Gomma) is going to be released February 2, 2005.

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