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Friday, Nov 19 2004 | 14:22

Plantlife was on the front page of OKAYPLAYER.COM. Okayplayer is The Roots’ official web-site and it is the main web-site for cool hip hop and soul in the US.

Other reactions on Plant Life “The Return Of Jack Splash”:

“Here and there I hear new and different shit, but Plantlife hit it for the longrun. They really took it! SHIT AIN’T EASY!” Pharell (The Neptunes)

“Just what I’ve been looking for, the new generation of funk!” Mos Def

“Another piece of the movement a/k/a GOODMUSIC!” Cee Lo

“When we first heard Plant Life we knew there was something different was going on … They were pushing buttons of electronic wonder while giving us the sweat and funk of humanity. There’s a beautiful techno funk combo happening within!” Chemical Brothers

“A new world of funky eclectic groove music that cats will sample from for years to come.” XZIBIT

“On The Return of Jack Splash, Plant Life doesn’t follow a lot of the boring formulas that are out there today. I LOVE this shit!” Danger Mouse

“Step aside Outkast, we have PLANT LIFE people” Giles Peterson

“My joint is “Bottle of Hope (save the world) … that’s IT right there!” Baatin (from Slum Village)

“Definitely some classic songs to fuck up head boards with!” Vikter Duplaix

“All I can say is thank the heavens for this record!” URB

“Plantlife’s gumbo of soul-disco and cosmic hop spreads a message of love!” VIBE

“If you’re one of the dance-floor disenfranchised, longing for the halcyon days of Prince’s purple reign, the time has come to get up off that thang … Managing to be wonderfully inventive, Plantlife rides high on Jack Splash’s sensual falsetto, injecting the band’s soul music with electronica and hip-hop swagger!” LA Times

“Plant life have already been named as the next Outkast … warm funk for all” Rolling Stone

“A postmodern mix of Sly Stone, George Clinton, Andre 3000, Marvin Gaye & Prince!” Flaunt Magazine

“This album EXPLODES into a fast-paced, guitar-ridden soul party before winding down to melodic whispers about love that complete the flawless course of this album!” XLR8R

“Plantlife is jumpin! with everything we like from days gone by with sweetly-mixed production for the now!” YRB Magazine NYC

“Some futuristic sexy shit, Jack Splash is a pimp.” King Britt

“This Plant Life record will fit perfectly in between my Parliament and club bangers in my record collection.” RJD2

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