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Wednesday, Nov 03 2004 | 14:43

The past decade has unveiled the era of retro futurism, with constant references to fashion, music and life style of the past, making it pointless to try to relate an artwork to a timeline.

Although “The Meal” is full of references to Cha¢teau Flight‘s past works in tracks such as funky electro dub “Secret Liquide”, the new opus is definitely focused on the quest for exploring innovating sound textures and style combinations. This new vintage has the elegance of a fine Bordeaux: it will mature soundly.

So what’s the deal? Nicolas Chaix (aka I:Cube) and Gilbert Cohen (aka DJ Gilb’R) come up once again with a meticulous and thouroughbred combination of tracks. Keeping the production tight and mixing live instruments with lectronics, Chateau Flight provide an album where Wu Tang meets Philip Glass in a Parisian park. They manage to travel through a large span of styles while keeping a real coherence and unity.

ne of the main differences between “Puzzle” (their last album) and “The Meal” lies in the impressive number of guests who have come to collaborate with Chateau Flight. The French duo has smoothly managed its transition from pure studio freaks to open minded talent combiners. Try the futurist soul flavour of “1973” and “Connected”, take a bite of Detroit inspired “Cosmic Race”, enjoy the crude taste of “Down at the Patisserie” or inhale “Superflight”‘s uplifting bouquet.

Chateau Flight continue their cruise towards eclecticism and quality concepts. Not only has the duo managed to keep the energy and freshness of their first works, but they also achieve to deliver an ambitious and uplifting album.

The album Chateau FlightThe Meal” (Versatile) is going to be released in January 2005.

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