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Tuesday, Oct 26 2004 | 15:22

The Hartchef Discos camp is set to release a new single produced by Eye Dew a.k.a. H.R. Schneider.

Comments: We were seriously astonished when we first heard “Find Me In The Backyardbasement*”. Those perfectly layered chords riding on some of the most heart warming basslines you’ll ever feel … hidden in a house-something outfit, these four tracks elevate an energy which fits excellently in those feelings you’ve had every year, when blossoms rose from the frozen soil round late March or early April.


Top 5 things about living in Köln-Kalk:

1. you always feel like livin’ in a Mediterranean country (at least in summer)
2. you can feel the Realness
3. It’s not far to Mülheim
4. biggie flat for cheapo rate
5. the best and cheapest asia shops and fleischtheke

Top 5 Köln-Kalk words:

1. plazz da do sackjeseesch!
2. hassu problem oda was?
3. my car is broken – need an euro for the train (every day the same guy)
4. drunken blah by workless alcoholix
5. bittschoen!?

Top 5 things you do every day:

1. first cigarette
2. first cup of coffee in the morning
3. second cup of coffee in the morning
4. first beer in the evening
5. second beer in the evening

Top 5 bands you’d never ever sample from:

1. never
2. sample
3. bands
4. play
5. instruments


A1: Neither Hart Nor Chef
A2: Gurm ‘Emczeck
B1: What Are We Waiting For?
B2: Wanna Be

The 12″ single Eye DewFind Me In The Backyardbasement*” (Hartchef Discos) is going to be released December 06, 2004.


Two big large thumbs up to Audio Werner’s Live @ Watergate (Live @ Watergate, Berlin – popkomm 01.10.2004). The Real Audio file features an amazing recording of his recent live act in Berlin. It’s over 70 minutes long and totally kicks ass. Nice work!

For more information and to get in touch with the Hartchef Discos artists check out their website:


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