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Thursday, Oct 21 2004 | 13:18

Over the past ten years, Total Science a.k.a. Paul Smith (Spinback) & Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) have established themselves as two of the most successful producer/DJs within Drum & Bass. A unique combination of hard work, raw talent and the ability to poke fun at themselves (on an almost daily basis) has helped them to maintain their status within a difficult industry and also help others reach success along the way.

The pair first met in 1987, both living in and around Blackbird Les estate in Oxford, England and brought together through a mutual love of hip hop and school girls. Distracted by the arrival of hardcore in the early nineties, record collecting was quickly followed by DJing and eventually production. Greenhalgh was the first into the studio, with “Freestyle Fanatic” launching his career in 1991. However it was the establishment of the Legend imprint and specifically Greenhalgh’s “Champion Sound“, which really took their profile above and beyond the slew of anonymous white labels that were dominating the music scene at the time.

In 1994, the pair started recording together under the name Funky Technicians, with “Got To Believe” the first in a series of records which pushed the label away from the fizzling darkside movement and more towards the epic string sections and rolling beats which started to appear on labels like Basement, Lucky Spin and Good Looking.

After six years of recording singles for Legend and others, the pair established the CIA (Computer Integrated Audio) label and changed their name to the now familiar Total Science guise in the closing months of 1997, with the help of Brillo from Timeless. The release of their “Silent Reign EP” for Goldie’s Metalheadz breathed a new lease of life into the project, and the pair achived a further boost with a well-timed Bad Company remix of “Champion Sound”, which conjured further interest in what they were doing with their own label. Their debut album “Advance” exposed a further field of interest, with down-tempo experiments logged as a series of “Breaks” on the majority of their early EP’s extended to some superb deep house, this breadth was taken a step further with their Skin Deep imprint which has forged broken beat to considerable acclaim.

The pair’s pioneering of a revival in old-school sounds and arrangements, together with Digital and Reinforced, dominated Drum & Bass throughout 2001. During this period a heavy amount of remix work of old-school tracks (i.e. “Dubplate”, “NHS”, “Hardcore Jungilism”, “Jazz Note”) furthered the movement that the duo championed. After this followed releases on high-profile labels such as 31 Records, True Playaz, Reinforced, Trouble On Vinyl and Soul:r.

Soon the duo found themselves in the favorable position of being able to release the music of others whom they respected. With CIA alone unable to keep up with the output singularly, it’s sister label Advanced was born in 2000. Since then between both labels, there have been releases from such well known artists as Baron, D Kay, Marky, XRS, Hive, Echo, Marcus Intalex, ST Files, Calibre, Klute, Digital, A-Sides, Bassline Smith, Drumsound and Spirit, to name a few.

Today CIA stands all amongst it’s peers, with it’s own unique and ever-evolving sound.

Eith a jump-up resurgence in Drum & Bass spurred on by a Baron remix of the pair’s (now infamous) “Nosher” on CIA, 2003 became a year of intensive touring for Total Science. November saw them setting back into a brand new studio and stepping up the output once again. The amount of releases the duo have had in the first half of this year alone is testament to their devotion to the music. 2004 so far has seen Total Science appear on high-profile labels including Creative Source, Hospital, Metalheadz, Defunked, Bingo and 31 Records. With renewed interest generating around the pair, the production of a third long-player was assured by their commitment.

Fast-forward several months (and many long studio sessions) and the release of Total Science‘s “Good Game” on CIA is imminent. Both Greenhalgh and Smith describe this album as something they both immensely proud of. The album perfectly showcases their own eclectic style – from the uplifting funk of “Kiss Chase” to the frenetic “Back 2 The Future”. From liquid-funk Swerve anthem “Big Man”, to dancefloor tearout “The Punisher” (championed by Andy C, this track will also appear on his second “Nightlife” mix CD). Total Science are the only artists in Drum & Bass today who manage to successfully produce many different styles andd evade pigeon-holing. In tru Total Science style this album touches on all shapes and forms of Drum & Bass, making it a must have for anyone who enjoys Drum & Bass.

The album Total ScienceGood Game” (CIA) is going to be released November 15, 2004.

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