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Wednesday, Oct 20 2004 | 14:03

After their only regular Lp-release “The Sweetest Sound” on Brunner-Schwers German Saba label in 1965, the highly talented Elsie Bianchi Trio from Zurich seemed to fade into eternity. Nothing else was reported until recently, except for the rumour of an odd 10inch Lp pressing from some legendary recordings made in 1962 at the Atlantis Club near the Klosterberg of Basel in Switzerland. The featured tracks present their music at an earlier stage “ a more bluesy vain, swinging in between songs of the Amerian Songbook made famous by the likes of Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, The Mills Bothers or Bessie Smith, aswell as their own instrumentals “Atlantis Blues” and “Baron Lazar”. The latter resurfaced in 1964 on one of the first MPS compilations “Piano x 4”, in a polished version without Siro`s clarinet as the lead instrument.

All tracks were never released for the public and the untraceable 10inch record soon had an international reputation for being one of the most wanted collectors “phantoms” instead. It was reported to be a jazz club promotional item with an estimated fifty to one hundred pressings only, priced at thousands of dollars in its original format as one of the rarest European jazz recordings on vinyl. Producing a digital remaster from the two copies that could be traced within recent years, we added further tracks from another Atlantis session, found on a second completely vanished promotional item by the trio. It came in form of an EP on the mysterious label “Swiss Records” in the same year, with an estimated one hundred copies only.

You may obtain these rare gems here 42 years after their original pressing in a remastered longplay format, together with unique artwork including unreleased photos from the vaults and archives of the artists. But finally, what`s most important after all these years: A big thank you to Elsa and Siro Bianchi.

The album Elsie Bianchi TrioAtlantis Blues” (Sonorama) is going to be released November 22, 2004.

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