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Wednesday, Oct 13 2004 | 19:07

Bored with the constraints of existing genres, Plant Life set out to break down the barriers between hip hop, soul, rock and good old fashioned funk music. In the tradition of legendary funk and soul godfathers like James Brown, George Clinton, Sly Stone & Prince, Plant Life serves up a healthy dose of sensuality and politics while providing a groove strong enough to shake the system to its core.

As a member of the Los Angeles based hip hop crew The Animal Pharm, Panda One (the shadowy figure behind Plant Life) helped spread the eclectic sounds of the west coast underground across the globe. With several EP’s and 12″ singles under their belt (Including 1996’s critically acclaimed “Pharmaceuticals-EP”, 1998’s underground hit “The Brink”, and 1999’s starstudded West Coast collab “You Will Lose” featuring Aceyalone, Spontaneous, & DJ Drez) The Animal Pharm decided to take a two year hiatus to work on their solo projects.

Panda One, after gaining critical acclaim for the tracks he produced for The Animal Pharm, as well as tracks for Medusa (Goodvibe), Buffalo Daughter (Grand Royal), etc., decided that it was time for something new. As Panda One explains it, At first I wasn’t even sure that what we were doing was anything different then what I had always been doing. I just locked myself in the studio with Jack Splash (the lead singer of the group) and we started making what we thought was some progressive hip hop. It wasn’t until we finished that everyone started telling us that we were doing some different shit!

With a heavy funk influence, The Return¦, has traces of 70’s funk, 80’s electro, 90’s b-boy aesthetics and futuristic ideals. Highly recommended!

Vinyl out now! CD in November!


01. Jack’s Back
02. Appreciate
03. Underwaterluvboogie (deep blue)
04. When She Smiles She Lights The Sky
05. We Can Get High
06. Bottle of Hope (Save The World)
07. Why’d U Call Me? (3am)
08. Real Folks
09. Got2Get2gether4Luv
10. Two beautiful souls in a crazy world¦
11. Beautiful Babies
12. Stardancer
13. The Girl Said¦Give It To Me!
14. Luv 4 The World (Why They Gotta Hate?)
15. Precious Heart
16. Table 4 2
17. If I Wuz Ur Man
18. I Know Those Eyes
19. New Day


Just what I’ve been looking for, the new generation of funk!
Mos Def

Another piece of the movement a/k/a GOODMUSIC!
Cee Lo

My joint is Bottle of Hope (save the world)¦that’s IT right there!
Baatin (from Slum Village)

Definitely some classic songs to fuck up head boards with!
Vikter Duplaix

Step aside Outkast, we have PLANTLIFE people!
Giles Peterson (BBC Radio)

Plant Life sets the perfect vibe for me and my girl. That’s a good thing!
Fat Jon

All I can say is thank the heavens for this record!

Some futuristic sexy shit, Jack Splash is a pimp.
King Britt

This Plant Life record will fit perfectly in between my Parliament and club bangers in my record collection.

I want to be on that song 3am, I love that song!
Vinia Mojica

I Hope this wax is ready to get played like crazy!
Rich Medina

I’m a fan, how do I sign up?
Prefuse 73

I feel like I’m back in the fucking 70’s¦sexy vibes
John Herndon of Tortoise

I played Plant Life for my home girl…let’s just say I had a good night
Pase (from Five Deez)

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