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Tuesday, Jul 27 2004 | 14:46

When Punchline and Wordsworth aka Punch and Words commanded the stage at a 1997 Lyricist Lounge showcase, event host Q-Tip was so impressed with Wordsworth and his then-partner Punchline that he tapped them to perform on “Rock Rock, Y’all,” the closing track on A Tribe Called Quest’s 1998 gold-certified album The Love Movement. Later that same year the duo was also featured on Black Star’s “Twice Inna Lifetime.” In addition to appearing on a multitude of other artists’ albums, Punch and Words appeared in three Lyricist Lounge-related tours in 2000, both Lyricist Lounge albums on Rawkus, and MTV’s groundbreaking sketch comedy series The Lyricist Lounge Show, which Wordsworth co-created, scripted and starred in. After they released a self-titled EP on Mona Hip Hop / Landspeed in 2001, the pair amicably moved on to pursue solo endeavors.

In 2002 Wordsworth released his first solo single “On Your Feet” produced by Da Beatminerz, with B-side “That Way” produced by Curt Gowdy. In 2003 Words received high praise for his second single “Not Me” produced by J-Zone, with the B-side “Wildlife” produced by Sebb. He recorded the song “Bosoms” with Soulive and J-Live, and continued to work on his album project as well as writing and acting.

Now it’s time for Wordsworth‘s solo debut album “Mirror Music” (release date: 13.09.2004) on Halftooth, feat. Masta Ace, Kenn Starr, Punchline and many more.

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