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Wednesday, Jul 07 2004 | 14:37

The Cologne Connection
Returns on Relaxation at surplus c/o pop.

Business Lounge Accreditation
incl. public record sales option and 3 day festival pass: EUR 75,-

The good news: there’s still a reason to meet up in Cologne in August 2004.

The place to gather this year is c/o pop, the new festival for electronic pop culture. Now for the even better news: it’s worth it, for the atmosphere, for the music¦and from a business point of view. The surplus business lounge gives visiting members of the music scene the chance to mix with all the Cologne-based labels and distribution companies, and the big names in music software such as ableton or the rights holder to the new mp3 download platform. Partying has never been so profitable!

Surplus offers everything you need to do successful deals: good beer and good music. In a city built on “the old boy’s network”, we know that business is done best in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere where people can really talk. That’s why at surplus there’ll be no annoying lectures by the usual suspects on the state of the music industry, and no obligatory biscuit assortments at stands that are so standardized they all blend into one. What you’ll find in the Panoramahaus is smaller, specialized selection of truly useful services.

1. Sell your music in comfort at the revolutionary record store Shop of the Pops. No more standing for eight hours behind a wallpapering table extolling the virtues of your back catalogue: just entrust your treasures to the c/o pop staff and they will take care of the rest (with dedication and perfect sales professionalism, naturally).

2. On the next floor, in the select circle of accreditation holders, label representatives and half-hour live acts/showcases/dj-sets take it in turns to vie for your attention. And believe us, you wouldn’t want to miss a date with any of them. To add comfort and glamour to your rendez-vous, we provide the alcohol, the armchairs, internet, battery chargers, the spectacularly unpretentious sixties architecture of the Panoramahaus, and the best view of Cologne cathedral.

3. An Inner Circle wouldn’t be worth the name if it wasn’t made up of the right people. C/o pop’s heady mixture of music and art is attracting some powerful potential buyers to the city on the Rhine. Thanks to surplus, hardware and software manufacturers, music producers and event organizers, artists, distributors, magazines and marketing firms all have a place to chill and do business in a hip location right by the festival site.

4. The business lounge is intended for people from any part of the industry who know they can benefit from personal contacts and pragmatic partnerships. The price of the accreditation is nothing but an investment in success. In fact, offering you the chance to sell your records and visit the festival, the combination ticket makes the business lounge exactly that: a real business asset.

In the days of the Popkomm, Cologne was the favourite destination of the international music industry crowd in August. Now the Popkomm is in Berlin, and it’s not until October. But Cologne has not ceased to exist (and neither has August for that matter). And unto them something new has been born: c/o pop. Focussing on electronic pop culture, unfolding in three green open air locations right on the Rhine and firing business success through its decentralized structure, music industry crisis or not, here’s one more reason to come to Cologne.


Marc Knauer, Fon: ++49-221-95439190


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