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Tuesday, May 04 2004 | 15:42

Welcome to the fascinating “World Of Dynamite“, the fruit of a couple of years of studio sessions with Dynamite MC‘s favourite producers, a rich and varied musical excursion solidly tied together by his charismatic touch.

The magnetic brilliance of front man Dynamite MC began developing with his childhood influences spanning early Motown, and reggae. Later drawn to fledgling hip hop and house clubs, by the time rave and drum & bass broke he was already deeply absorbed by the scene. Initially harbouring ambitions to be a DJ, Dynamite discovered he couldn’t afford early a set of turntables and opted for the next best thing.

A natural on the mic, he was already a jobbing MC, when he met Roni Size and Krust in a club in ’93. Impressed by the way in which Dynamite captured the attention of the crowd, Size asked him to accompany some early DJ sets spreading the Full Cycle word and Dynamite rapidly became a regular with the Full Cycle DJs on their nocturnal turntable
exploits. Immediately convincing as a front man, he slipped into the mix like a third turntable, hyping the crowds and elevating the already unique sonic experience with his lyrics and rhymes. During his early years as an MC, Dynamite would meticulously plan his lyrics, often penning and practising them before hand, whilst these days he places more emphasis on freestyle performance which allows him to maintain the characteristic fluidity of his sets.

Though Dynamite only featured on the opening track of 1997’s “New Forms” album, “Railing”, he became an integral part of the Reprazent live experience, perfecting a dynamic live juxtaposition with singer Onallee. Having developed his style considerably since then, he headed up “Who Told You?”, the first single from last year’s “In the Mode” and also fronts the second single “Dirty Beats”
as well as album tracks like “Switchblade” and “Snapshot”. In between touring internationally with Reprazent and accompanying the Full Cycle DJs, Dynamite has grown as a songwriter and lyricist.

Welcome to the “World Of Dynamite

Enrolling the likes of Skitz, Stone, Fusion, TNT, Wookie, Zinc, Origin Unknown, Marky and XRS, High Contrast, DJ Kalm and Roni Size at the controls, and making his own production debut, Dynamite has compiled a great collection ranging from cool hip hop rhythms, rough dancehall cuts, stylish garage grooves and infectious drum and bass anchored by his unstoppable energy and versatile delivery. Guest appearances by the mighty Elephant Man and MC Skibadee round up this impressive collection.

“Hotness”, released on Ram Records in summer 2003 to became one of the biggest selling 12’s of the year and the infectious disco roller “Ride” – featuring Dynamite in full singing mode – is currently climbing the cool cuts and buzz charts and shows serious signs of mainstream chart success. “Gold” is one of the most sought-after dubplate of the moment, following the great buzz over “Rush The DJ” in the breaks circles late last year.

Dynamite’s skills shine throughout: providing the voice for the 3 MCs on “Marvellous” over Skitz impeccable beats, producing and writing the great lyrics on the chilled “Visions”, effortlessly name-checking the whole drum and bass community in “The Scene”. Dynamite is as comfortable chatting over drum and bass tracks as he is over Fusion’s stunning broken beat track, Wookie’s crisp and stylish 2-step or Zinc’s ultra cool, filthy and chaotic breaks.

Dynamite has invited some of his MC pairs to be part of his world. Jamaican’s finest Elephant Man follows collaborations with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey with a number with Dynamite over Stone’s dancehall-flavoured, dirty hip hop riddims. Skibadee’s fiery delivery is the perfect answer to Dynamite’s unstoppable energy over a charged backing track by the well-named TNT.

The sun-drenched rhythms of Marky and XRS in “The Feeling” featuring another great singing performance by Dynamite, and the impressive “Switch It Up” round up this collection.

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