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Peven Everett is a worldly multi faceted celebrated jazz and soul artist who was born in Harvey, Illinois on June 2, 1975. At the age of 17, Berkley School of Music gave Peven a full scholarship right out of High School. He left school to go on the road with Betty Carter, Winton Marsalis and Brandford Marsalis. Peven moved to New York to continue his jazz career in 1992 until returning home in 1998 to full throttle his musical career.

He is a producer, writer, vocalist, performer and a multi-instrumentalist playing professionally 11 instruments including the guitar, keys, drums, bass, trombone, flute, saxophone as well as being the renowned trumpeter who recorded several, including the key single, cuts on Curtis Lundy’s latest album. Alongside his musicianship he is an exquisite vocalist and unreal dancer.

Having performed with jazz greats at spots like Blue Note, Sweet Basil and Smalls in NYC and all over Chicago he also started recording deep house records with collaborative efforts on timeless cuts like “Gabriel” and “Watch Them Come”. Peven’s solo stylings and live shows are phenomenal – performing vocals with his acoustic guitar and Rhodes keyboard alongside his band, Seance Divine.
The following paragraphs taken from MySoul CD pages, summarize a few of Peven’s Albums, vinyl and singles. From his Studio Confessions to his workings with Upper Esh, Peven’s work spans across musical genres.


Kindred Spirits is pleased to finally announce the release of Peven Everett’s “Kissing Game” album project. You’re already made aware of this release, by the release of the “Kissing Game” 12″ last November.

Kissing Game” (release date: 26.04.2004) is based on his love for soulful house music, in true Chicago style (remember his releases for Large & Prescription with Roy Davis). Though playing many instruments himself he brought in 2 artists; the vocal talents of Billie Jewel and Larry Billups on percussion to spice up this release. Though the main element is house music, it is a musical trip, really. From the downtempo jazz of “The Lillie Walk” to the rap influenced “High Life” via the musical uptempo “Kissing Game” & “Puerto Rico” to the more minimal old Chi house influenced “Parrell”, its all there to make it a perfect suitable release for Kindred Spirits once again!

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