Monday, Apr 26 2004 | 14:41

Promoe‘s been running a lot these last years. Not like he wasn’t running before that, but the distances and the sceneries have changed drastically. He used to run 15 km’s three days a week in the woods of Rocklunda, Västeras (Sweden). On weekends he ran from the police in train yards, tunnels and city streets, leaving a trail of spray paint. Then he started touring with the Looptroop, building the foundation for what later would become Sweden’s biggest international hiphop group.

Since September 2002 however the tours have become longer, and more to the point: world domination. Around that time Looptroop had just finished recording their sophmore effort, The Struggle Continues, and Promoe, Supreme and the two drivers Perry Schumacher and Gangsta Pete embarked on a six week long self funded and self organized promotion tour in a mobile home. They called the adventure The Road To Hell, covered most parts of Europe and got in to all kinds of chaos, but considered the whole thing a big success.

With the album the touring continued, and when the Troop performed the Last Song for the last time halfway through December 2003 somewhere in Germany they had done over 120 shows in countries like South Africa, Russia, Japan, Australia; not to mention going all over the European continent at least twice. Apart from that Promoe managed yet another trip through Europe (by Inter rail) plus writing-, recording-, and plain chilling journeys to Jamaica, Cuba and Morocco. All the while living in both Granada, Spain and Uppsala, Sweden. All this running and moving back and forth and all over are some of the reasons why Promoe’s new, and second solo album is called “The Long Distance Runner” (Burning Heart Rec / David vs Goliath / release date: 12.04.2004). It has also put a stamp on the sound of the album.


With four songs recorded in Jamaica – and three more sounding like they could have been – the vibe is clearly very reggae. Two Embee tracks however set the pace by starting (“Long Distance Runner”) and ending off (“Calm Down”) the album. The topics are mainly political, ranging from food to war and from love to graffiti (“These Walls Don’t Lie” – the sureshot single produced by Dj Large, coming with a video from the same director’s (Stylewar) that made Looptroop’s “Fly Away”). Other producers on the album are Breakmecanix, Chilly, Perry Roman and John John, and the guest artists are Anthony B, Bushman, Chords, Cosmic, Ghost, Rantoboko, Timbuktu and Ward 21.

This great variety of artists, producers, topics and countries has created a total sum of twelve (thirteen counting Embee’s emotional intro) great songs all running in the same direction, but in their own style, pace and fashion … All of them worthy of your close attention.


29 Linköping (S) – Platens Bar
30 Örebro (S) – Festivalborg

06 Sandviken (S) – Kungen
07 Östersund (S) – Tingshuset
08 Örnsköldsvik (S) – Musikhuset
09 Ume̴ (S) РHamnmagasinet
13 Norrköping (S) – Bergsbron
14 Skövde (S) – Kulturhuset
20 Karlstad (S) – Glada Ankan
21 Helsingborg (S) – The Tivoli
22 VästerÃ¥s (S) – Prisma

04 Uppsala (S) – Fett me kärlek
09 Tampere (SF) – Klubi
10 Jyväskylä (SF) – Lutakko
11 Turku (SF) – Indie Iltamat @ S-Osis
12 Helsinki (SF) – Indie Iltamat @ Tavastia

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