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Q: Give the fans the story of how Sol Uprising came about… As I understand it, you all didn’t really plan on forming a group from the start.

A: No, it wasn’t anything we planned, it really happened kind of naturally. We met at a mutual friend’s studio, we were vibing to some of 4 Windz tracks, which were banging!!! I knew from then on I had to work with Scienz of Life…We ended up linking to do the first joint, and I sang the chorus to the song “Life Jones” on the Project Overground album. The chorus just came to me, the vibe from that point on was a natural connection and I knew we would be doing more work together. I did a few more choruses on the album and began to perform background vocals for Scienz of Life. I really learned a lot from working with SOL…From that time Sci and I did a track together called Sound Goes for his proposed solo album and a couple more, then the response we received was so positive, especially when we performed so we decided to form a group. Even the name Sol Uprising came naturally. -Stacy
It was the people! The people are who really started Sol Uprising. I guess that’s why Sol Power came together so well, because we’re not doing this just for us. This is music for the hearts and souls of the people. -Sci
The positive energy emits like sunlight from the ‘Sol (which interesting enough is “sun”) Power’ album… How important is it to relay messages in your music but at the same time make it “bumpin” so the listeners can remain entertained? Some of the older/classic Scienz of Life material might have went over the heads of the masses.
To be honest, we both feel like our pens are being guided by our ancestors and we do music like this because we are supposed to. We both live by the laws of Sankofa which is, “looking back to move forward.” We are constantly looking back towards the source whether it be musically, spiritually and artistically to gain the proper guidance to take things to the next level. We always have the people in mind, that’s why we check for heads like 4 Windz, Zulu the Cosmic Overseer, Locsmif, Lacks, Hakim and Walt B for the ill production.
Simplicity is sometimes favorable, making sure that everyone can overstand, from the youth to the elders and everyone in between. Charisma is the key element.

Q: What’s the main thing you want your fans to gather from the first Sol Uprising album?

A: The Unity and Balance of Woman and Man; Society always separates the two, even in terms the household. Just as rapid as you have growing new families you have growing new single parent families. and this is constantly promoted by different government scams like welfare etc. It’s been going on in the Black family ever since our people were kidnapped and brought to this wilderness known as North America. Slavery is the source of this type of separation; we want to start the movement to bring us back together as one. Togetherness. We feel that it starts with the soul, the innerself, the real me and you. That’s Sol Power.

Q: Some people will call it soft rap, some will call it neo-soul… How do you want your music to be received?

A:The rebellion of innocence; we believe there is no label adequate to what we are doing. This is just one level of it. Society’s tendency to categorize and label music to put it in its bubble and limit the true potential as well as the audience that can hear and appreciate the music. This type of control is used with almost everything even race and gender. Therefore, we want to make a statement that we are a type of music that everyone can enjoy, not just Hiphop or Soul heads, perhaps jazz or soft rock listeners would like it to, we are not limiting ourselves.
But if you wanted us to describe it we would say Hiphop Jazz-Soul, this is the trilogy of our favorite types of music.

Q: How does it feel to release your group’s first album with a relatively new label in Shaman Work?

A: We are very excited to work with Shaman Work Recordings!! The potential of this label is boundless. It works well with our movement, we are making a statement to all the non-believers and all the zombies sleeping. We see a lot of greatness this year for all the Shaman Work crew and we are happy to be a part of it!! So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for Sol Power!

Q: How do you all manage to keep recording music and performing while Stacy is pursuing her law degree at USC?

A:It’s simple when you are dealing with a super woman. Probably one of the first legal rapper/singers; who works with the integrity of knowing this is one of her many missions in this day and time that must be accomplished. Really, it is a challenge for both of us, but it feels so right that we are willing to make the sacrifice. “Sci

I must admit that law school is a full-time job plus some, but I enjoy learning new things and love challenges. Attending law school is closely related to our overall mission. As soon as I finish I will be doing the legal representation for our respective companies and artists. -Stacy

Q: Sci, you’ve lived in New York/New Jersey, Atlanta, and now Los Angeles… How has each region of the country inspired your music?

A: Well first and foremost the South Bronx My birthplace had a lot to do with my mission of today. Such an insightful place in terms of the many creative techniques that me and my brother 4 Windz learned growing up in the Bronx. Being that there is so much that I can say about each different region I have lived in up until now I know one thing I love every moment of the experience of moving to new places networking with new people and really building a strong foundation of some sort in each one the regions so that I may always return. That is on of my main inspirations not just in Music but life in general to know that I have traveled and Lived all over the country and never have to look back later and say I wish I would have did this or that when I was able to. The Inspiration is boundless and really who knows where they next stop will be I am just following the path that my ancestors guide me in!

Q: You have your own label/production company/design firm… Hip us to the mission of Solvzion (www.solvizion.com) and related companies.

A: Solvizion is a multi-faceted company consisting of a Record label (Solvizion Entertainment), A production company (Beatvizion) and a graphics and Web design Company (Solvizion Designs).
All which is run by an In house Group of individuals consisting of Stacy Epps, Kirk Webber, ID 4 Windz and myself, I must say things are coming together well and we recently formed a distribution merger with Shaman Work recordings in which all of our Solvizion Projects will be channeled through the Shaman work distribution chain so please stay tuned for a lot of great and exciting releases in the 2004 and for more info log on to www.Solvizion.com.

Q: The producer of the majority of the album, ID 4Windz, created a killer soundscape for the album… Comment on 4Windz’ production on ‘Sol Power’ and the direction of the production in general on the album.

A: ID 4Windz is the Truth and I am not only saying this because he is my brother but I just feel he is really one of the Next big producers up and coming no question about it the Brother is nice with his!! He calls himself Invizible Handz because it is hard to detect his diverse style of production. He has an extremely wide range of flavors from Boom Bap, Jazz, roots rock, Soul and so on!
Definitely keep ya eyes and ears open for ID 4 Windz because he is soon to be a household name on the Production tip! Check him out www.Inviziblehandz.com also check out his latest work on the Sol Uprising “Sol Power” debut LP.

Q: Stacy, if you had only one option to be respected as a singer or to be respected as a emcee, which would you choose?

A: This is a difficult choice! But if I had to choose I would go with respected as a singer, because it is the voice of the universe. Singing is so much more universal in our society, although Hiphop is growing and definitely taking control, singing has been around forever… Also, when I hear a track, I tend to automatically start singing to it and I think that also shows me that I drift a little more towards singing. I actually feel like I can be a little more creative in my singing because I can play with melodies, harmonies, and words. I hope to do a solo project with some dope producers sometime in the near future so stay tuned…

Q: Sci, how was the transition as far as making music from a straight up hip-hop group to a group with more soul/R&B flavor?

A: It wasn’t hard at all I was raised on soul music and it has been apart of me all my life, I actually love to sing on the low too so don’t be surprised if you hear that element from Sci in the Near future. And come on working with a future super star like Stacy Epps is a blessing within itself so I had to make it work!

Q: Another question for you Stacy, how do you deal with the male chauvinist element of modern hip-hop culture as a female emcee/vocalist? Is Sci a good bodyguard?

A: Actually I really don’t have to deal with it much. I was lucky to be able to work with such cool people that don’t have that element! So the inner circle is fine… On the other hand, there is always that element in our society, but I choose not to focus on that and put myself at a level where I am respected. And also it does help being in a group with a man, especially an experienced emcee with connections!! Lol. I could probably answer that question better when I do my solo project…

Q: Sci, I hear you have a project with MF DOOM in the works… What’s the word on that?

A: Shhh!!! ok I let heads know a Little bit! It is a Solo Album Basically entirely produced by the Villain himself MF DOOM and he will also be featured on some of the songs! It is Called The John Robinson Project and we will get more into the Title later but it is an vocal autobiography to label it in simple terms. I hope Heads are ready!! Due out spring 2004!!

Q: Any closing shout outs?

A: Give thanks to the Entire Solvizion and Shaman Work Family, The Robinson and Epps Families and all others who helped us get to the level we are now! And all those who have supported our movement on all levels, this is just the beginning!

Peace and Blessings

Sol Uprising

(Interview courtesy of www.essdub.com and www.alphabeats.com)

Download mp3 file – Sol Uprising – Sol Bling – produced by Waajeed

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