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Wednesday, Nov 05 2003 | 13:57

48 Months contains the early work of 7Heads cornerstone artist, Asheru, and his collaborator Blue Black. Recordings beginning in 1995 and ending in 1999, it is the four years or 48 months from their 1st recordings to the beginning of the Soon Come sessions, their inspirational debut. In these recordings previously only available on vinyl and many out of print, you can hear the formation of the vibe that has garnered Asheru and Blue Black fans across the globe. The jazzy grooves, the effortless delivery, the conscious lyrics, and the good times were born during these 48 Months. The album contains the first three Asheru and Blue Black releases, the EP’s Cosmology and Jamboree, and the classic 12 inch Better. 48 Months also includes remixes of Smiley and Jamboree along with two new joints, How Ya Livin? with Grap Luva and J-Live and Black Moses. Production includes: DJ Spinna, Grap Luva, 88 Keys, Uncle Junior artist Djinji Brown and new 7H artist The Saint.

During these 48 Months of recording, Asheru & Blue Black enjoyed some wonderful experiences and collected some timeless memories. Asheru reflects, I remember us driving down to Richmond to meet the Bedroom Wizard, and get some tracks for our fist project (he produced the tracks Nigga Like Me, It’s About Time, and Mid-Atlantic on the Cosmology EP). We had only spoken to him a couple of times on the phone before actually meeting him, so when we got to his house we didn’t know what to expect. My man opened the door with some airbrushed/stonewashed jeans on that boldly and colorfully said Bedroom on one leg and Wizard on the other, with a fresh, sparkly, gold-plated yammy on his left front tooth!

One of the most talked about tracks on the album is Jamboree. The song oozes old school hip-hop jam that gets played at the cookout. Asheru explains how the track went down, Since we always had to trek from DC to NY to record, all of my NY peoples would use the studio sessions as a sort of family reunion spot, where we would see old friends and catch up on whatever was going on at the time. At any given time, we would have about 10-15 people just wandering around tiny ass Fast Forward Studios. One way for us to capture that moment was in the background track of Jamboree. On that day, Djinji Brown and his daughter Djali, Sonia, Tanya, Tracee, Sondia, Wes, J Rawls and J Sands of Lone Catalysts were not only in the studio, but in the booth during the recording!

48 Months is a tribute that hard work and help from friends do payoff in the long run. From starting your own label, pressing up your own music, hitting the road and spread the word, make connections, pool your resources to get the job done, etc. Fortunately for Asheru and Blue Black, they’ve had a large extended family that has helped them tremendously along the way. These memories, these experiences, these friendships and overall love for the music they offer to you, to share with others in the hopes that you will pass it on along your way. This is what they mean by the motto Do your part to support the art you like/ 2 turntables and a mic.

The first single is the new track Black Moses, a prelude to Asheru’s solo album due out in 2004. The open drum loop is hypnotizing as Asheru’s flow coils around it like a slinky on the front steps. Eat, Drink and be Merry/God willing in due time be legendary/And make Black History like February.

The CD version contains the bonus tracks: Jamboree remix, SoulJamboree and the Soul Dub mix of Smiley remixed by The Saint as well as the new songs, Black Moses, How Ya Livin? and General Blackman Isgod.’ The first three Asheru and Blue Black 12 inches will be reissued on vinyl. Cosmology and Better are in stores now. The Jamboree EP will be available January 2004.

Seven Heads began in 1996 as an independent promotions company. It has since evolved into a record label and management that represents such artists as Wordsworth, The Beat Kids, Djinji Brown, and Richy Pitch.


01. Mid Atlantic
02. Better
03. Nigga Like Me
04. Setting Sun
05. How You Livin? feat. J-Live, Grap Luva & Sondia
06. Trackrunners feat. J-Live & Grap Luva
07. The Music
08. Smiley (The Woh, Woh, Song)
09. It’s About Time
10. Dream Birth
11. Soul Jamboree
12. Jamboree
13. General Blackman Isgod
14. Black Moses
15. Smiley (The Woh, Woh, Song) Soul Dub Version

Seven Heads all-stars on Tour featuring Asheru, Richy Pitch, Wordsworth and J-Live:

04.12. Hamburg (tba)
05.12. Bad Salzungen (tba)
06.12. Munich, Muffathalle, ITF Finals
07.12. Berlin, Knaack
09.12. Paris, Batofar (France)
11.12. Cologne, MTC
12.12. Holland, (tba)
13.12. Toulouse (France)
14.12. Geneva (Switzerland) (tbc)
16.12. Zuerich (Switzerland) (tbc)
17.12. Linz, Kapu (Austria)
18.12. Vienna, B72 (Austria)
19.12. Stuttgart (tba)
20.12. Wiesbaden / Heidelberg (tba)
21.12. Trier (tba)

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