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Thursday, Sep 25 2003 | 11:46

The High & Mighty are back! The Philadelphia outta NYC crew who have been running the indie world’s illest label are back with their breadwinners. Mr. Eon and DJ Mighty Mi do it again with their blend of ill lyrics, bangin’ beats, sports commentary and overall debauchery.

Eastern Conference Records owners and operators hit hard with “The Highlite Zone”, the third offering by the crew who brought you the 1999 classic “Home Field Advantage” and 2002’s “Air Force One”. Eon and Mighty Mi come with 15 years in hip-hop to deliver their true stylings. The High & Mighty also have the dubious distinction of being the only white artists to have recorded and performed with Marshall Mathers (a/k/a Eminem)! Amassing six years of experience running a label as well as being artists, the two were ready to go on their own into the commercialized “now school” hip hop climate we currently live in.

After a run with Rawkus Records, which included the “Porn Again” LP by their own Smut Peddlers, as well as tours with Eminem, Run DMC and M.O.P. the hip hop duo branched out to handle their own business. They then put out a DVD of their adventures, featuring a collection of videos and extras by the E.C. crew. This included videos from the Smut Peddlers, Copywrite and High & Mighty, as well as footage from touring which has the fun-filled antics of their sidekick Beetlejuice!

The highly anticipated “The Highlite Zone” had been in the works while the two continued to put out albums by artists such as The Weathermen, Tame One (When Rappers Attack), Cage (Movies For The Blind & Weatherproof) and Copywrite (The High Exhaulted). While the duo ran the label and put out these successful albums, they came up with banger after banger for themselves.

The LP starts off live from the famed Philadelphia Spectrum and comes in to remind all of their fans that they’re back and ready to dish it out. From the guitar driven “Right Here” into “Cheese Factory”, featuring Copywrite, the duo stake their claim as hip hop purists as well as “edutainers.” They set the record straight about the trendiness of sneakers and jerseys on the clever “Take It Off”, a tribute to all those kids who rock throwbacks but have no idea why or the symbolism of who they’re wearing. “Booming Standing Room Only” and “High Heat” feature Cage as well as Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox). The inclusion of other guests such as R.A. the Rugged Man and Tame One create the real feel of hip hop. No bling bling, no cars, no bullsh*t. Another ‘Highlite’ is the educational “Fast Food Nation”, the story of the rise of fast food to the global level as well as the underlying agenda by corporate America to keep us in the dark about how bad the food is for you. The familiar “… two all beef patties, special sauce …” is brought to you with a message that “your teenager’s done!” warning all about the all-American meal.

Old school hip hop aficionados will love the remake of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Rock the House which features Ready Rock C, a classic human beat box. The new version is fueled by RAHZEL’s inhuman skillz as a beat boxer. They even have the Roots member spitting the Rocky theme to pay homage to their home grown roots. No High & Mighty LP would be real without some humor. Actor Michael Rappaport (Bamboozled, Zebra Head and Small Time Crooks) makes his MC debut with “How to Rob an Actor”, a warning to the film industry that he won’t be taken lightly in the cut-throat world of Hollywood. Woody Allen, Ben and Jen and Aston Kutcher get theirs from the long-time Hip Hop head turned actor. Watch for a national High & Mighty tour to be announced shortly in support of the new album, “The Highlite Zone” !!!

The Highlite Zone” is going to release October, 27, 2003.

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