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Peel Seamus is the owner and founder of Delsin Records. The label around to bring all soulful, slightly surreal electronics. Next to running Delsin full blown, he is also slowly but surely expanding the scale of Amsterdam’s underground electronics. Together with Marty, he just set up their little promotion company, and next to that he is helping out other local people setting up their musical activities. I.e. Jeri Nairav, on her Ann Aimee missions, the Newworldaquarium-collective, Aroy Dee and his M>O>S comrades and last but not least Jonny & Sturmey on running their electronic punk funk disco. A new Peel Seamus EP and debut album will appear early 2004.

01. Shake – Convalesence (Frictional)
02. Alex Cortex – Inward (Ann Aimee)
03. Joakim – Come Into My Kitchen (Versatile)
04. Jon Slocum – Upstairs At Derrick’s (MOUT Recordings)
05. Tres Demented – Demented (Planet E)
06. Claro Intellecto – Peace Of Mind (Ai)
07. Aroy Dee – Goddess / Razor (MOS Recordings)
08. Mu – Chair Girl (Tiger Sushi)
09. Various – Pluton & The Humanoids (Unclassics)
10. !!! – Me and Giuliani … (Warp)

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