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Wednesday, Jun 18 2003 | 15:52

Groove Attack Distribution is now taking care of worldwide distribution for Philadelphia based label Soulspazm Records.

The first release through Groove Attack, Hezekiah’s “Gypsy Slang” featuring Bahamadia, will be in stores all over europe and japan in August followed by the USA release in September.

A1. Gypsy Slang – vocal (ft. Bahamadia)
A2. Gasoline – vocal
A3. Gypsy Slang – remix (ft. Bahamadia)

B1. Gypsy Slang – instrumental
B2. Gasoline – instrumental
B3. Gypsy Slang – acapella

The Single is taken from the forthcoming debut full length “Hurry Up And Wait” to be released in fall 2003

Soulspazm Records, founded in 2000 by Jim Drew, has one very definite and distinct mission within the cultural and artistic platform of hip-hop”to redefine Q-Tip’s infamous Industry Rule #4080. Having a firm belief in eradicating floss from both the record industry and the art form of hip-hop, Soulspazm is committed to expending time, energy and money on the development of their artistic roster. Ultimately, Soulspazm’s intention is to confirm that quality really does have more meaning than quantity. Obviously these company commitments profoundly affect who is a part of the Soulspazm family. As such, all artists have a firm commitment to the elevation and progression of their craft, which in turn leads to a constant striving for the furthest reaches of their artistic selves.
So far, Soulspazm has released LP’s and 12″s by a stubbornly individualistic and distinctively talented collection of artists comprising of Hezekiah, Gos, DJ Sat One and The1Shanti. Soulspazm has a reputation of releasing quality material with a deep-rooted respect for the hip-hop art form. Owing to this, Soulspazm has attracted genuine interest and participation from respected musicians such as Grand Agent, Bahamadia, Scratch (The Roots), Last Emperor and Jazzy Jeff.
In addition to the record label, Soulspazm has founded a highly innovative and original project entitled Beat Society. Beat Society’s sole intention is to accentuate and emphasize the importance of beat making within hip-hop. In doing this it serves as free a platform in which producers may showcase their tracks and network with other producers and emcees. Within 8 months of the Beat Society website going live over 80 producers and 500 beats were showcased through the website. Seeing the limitless possibilities of Beat Society, the highly successful extended an offer of partnership to Beat Society,which is currently in negotiations. Owing to the unexpected and overwhelming popularity of the Beat Society concept, the idea has flowed over from the confines of the Internet and is currently also a successful monthly club event at The Five Spot in Philadelphia with offers from promoters in New York and DC. Whilst Soulspazm believes in creative variety, they also recognize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to look in a steady direction and find integrity and commitment. Soulspazm intends to continue positioning themselves as a positive and trustworthy label for both consumers and artists alike. Soulspazm will prove this by continuing their history of artistic freedom for the artist and releasing solid material for DJ’s and consumers alike.

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