Wednesday, Jun 04 2003 | 12:13

What made you get into music in the first place?

I’ve always been in to music since I was a young kid. My uncle was a musician and would give me instruments. Drums became my main instrument. After that, I grew into other things such as beat machines and samplers.

What kind of history of music taste do you have?

I’ve been exposed to all types of music through out my life. Soul, Pop, Rock, etc. I listen to everything now as well. Everything from Radiohead and Stevie Wonder, Omar to new and old hip hop to obscure funk. It really depends on what I feel that day.

What do you listen to yourself when you ride a car, enter a party or chill at home?

When I’m in my car, I listen to soul and jazz (it keeps me calm while on the road with a bunch of non driving idiots). I like checking out new stuff when I’m at home. It’s a good chance to throw a CD on and let it play while I’m on the computer.

How did the K-Otix come together?

I had just moved back to Houston from NY. I met Mic and D through a guy who was starting a label and wanted to sign them but they needed a producer first. We all met and after building, here we are today.

How did the new album releases “Black Album” & “Hustlers Theme” happen? You did one and the other 2/3 of the group did another one at the same time?

We wanted to venture out and do some side projects as a bridge between another official K-Otix Lp.

What’s your concept behind “Hustler’s Theme”?

I’ve always been into soundtracks. I wanted hustlers them to have that type of feeling. Kinda dark, story oriented and to be visual. If the listener thinks of that while listening to Hustlers Theme, I think it will make sense.

What are you currently working on?

K-Otix and outside projects. I’m working on a new K-Otix album. I’m also working with Truth Enola, Headkrack and I plan on releasing a few 12″s in Japan soon under my Hustlers Theme Music imprint.

Who would you like to work with inside and outside hip hop for what reasons?

I’d like to work with anyone who’s down and knows how to hustle in the game.

How important is your website for you?

The website is a great link to the world. It makes things so easy to be close to the fans. We can stay in touch with the world by updating the site.

How do you see the whole MP3 / CD burning discussion?

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. There’s so much garbage out there these days, people almost have to burn to keep from getting burned. Most CD’s have one good song on it and it’s not fair to the consumer to trick them into buying the CD because of the radio remix. If artists are making good music then they don’t have to worry. People will buy the CD on the strength of that alone.

What is the future means of digital music distribution in your opinion?

I’m sure the distributors will survive. They always have. It’s called adaptation. You have to adapt to what’s happening in the industry and make sure to focus in on the true and quality artist.

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