Monday, May 05 2003 | 12:14

01. Who’s Mums the Word ?

Todd Mumford

02. Who did you produce for in the past and who will you produce for in the future ??

MURS, Visionaries, LMNO, 2Mex, the Mindclouders, Kazi, Kombo, Konfident, Epidemic Massive, Dr.OOP, Emanon, Otherwise, Gershwin BLX and more.

03. Your album “People Keep Movin'” is being released by the Belgian label B9000, how did that happen ??

I was put into contact with Daan & Lefto through a friend who works with them. They heard the project and said they were interested in picking it up. Then they said if I didn’t roll with them they’d get their posse to rough me up.

04. What can we expect after this album ?

Hopefully more projects, not just straight up hip-hop though, lots of different styles. I’m also gonna do a project under another alias and try things I haven’t done yet production wise.

05. Any artists you’d like to work with in the future ?

There’s always someone I’d like to work with, Roots Manuva, J-Live, Kaos, are a couple, there’s plenty more I can’t think of at the moment.

06. You did a remix for the Beastie Boys. How did that happen ?? Are there any other people that have approached you for remixes and collaborations?

I had a friend at Grand Royal who basically put together a majority of the remixes for the Beastie Boys’ DVD. He asked me to submit one and they used it, which was really a highlight for me. After that I was asked by Grand Royal to submit a remix for Luscious Jackson, and it looked like it was going to work out then the group broke up and it fell through. Other than that not a lot of remix work. I want to do more, but I haven’t pursued it too hard.

07. As a free artist, do you see changes in hiphop today; businesswise / mainstream / independent ?

I’ve seen it change over the past several years. Technology makes it possible for anybody to put out there own music, good or bad. Business wise, it’s never been a great thing as an independent artist, but the freedom to do whatever I want is there, which is always good. There’s always going to be change, you just gotta roll with it.

08. What’s the scene like in L.A. at the moment ??

It’s slowed down a little, but there’s always something going on. I think the vibe is good overall. Clubs, shows, new music, it’s all there. With L.A. being so big there’s really something for everyone. I really believe L.A. is the best city to be in for an independent hip-hop artist.

09. Do you ever compare your new material with previous releases and worry if it’s not good enough ?

I compare it more to see if I’ve developed since the last project. Did I do something different musically ? Am I using the same formula ? Stuff like that. I want everything to be up to a certain level quality.

10. What has been your goal in life until now? Is there something you wanna reach with your music ?

I haven’t really ever thought about some overall goal in life. I know I want to do the right things, treat people right, be straight up in my business. I would like to be able to continue to eat and pay rent through music and hopefully have enough money to take a break and go back to school for awhile.

Any last words?

Thanks to B9000 for the opportunity, be ready for the next project. Don’t let Lefto near your girl and never trust Diesel Daan in a game of Blackjack.

Interview by Daan of B9000

picture: Mums the Word & Planet asia @ def con 2003

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