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Tuesday, Mar 18 2003 | 02:19

For Immediate Release
Brooklyn, NY
Uncle Junior Records

Wes Jackson, president and owner of Seven Heads Entertainment, today announced the formation of a new label imprint, Uncle Junior Records. A sub label of the successful 7H Recordings, Uncle Junior will focus on the non Hip Hop genre ventures of Seven Heads including jazz, afro beat, soul and various forms of Blacktronica.

Wes had this to say: “When we released the Djinji Brown record last September we began to realize that there was another world of music that we were interested in as a company. Based on the success of that record and the subsequent signing of The Beat Kids, we felt that an imprint would help the marketing of our non Hip Hop records. In my mind, it’s all Hip Hop culture. Whether it’s an afro beat jam from Brown or a nu jazz joint from the Beat Kids or a new single from Asheru, it’s all the same state of mind.”

Uncle Junior Records (named after Wes’s father) will be distributed by 7H Recordings. A&R responsibilities will fall under the jurisdiction of longtime 7H A&R head, DJ Bolex, but Wes stated that he is looking to bring in a separate A&R and Sales staff for Uncle Junior within the year. The first release from Uncle Junior will be the debut album from The Beat Kids entitled “Open Rhythm System”, this June.

Seven Heads began in 1996 as an independent promotions company. It has since evolved into a record label and management that represents such artists as J-Live, Asheru, El Da Sensei and Richy Pitch. In 2002, 7H Promotions was folded into Room Service Marketing, Promotions and Consulting where it continues to be the preeminent name in indie marketing.

Look Out For These Upcoming Releases on Mothership 7 Heads Recordings to drop sooner than later:

El Relaxe, Relate , Release (Instrumentals) 2LP (April)
Richy Pitch feat. Apani B.Fly “Day to Day” 12″ (April)
Djinji Brown “Abuelita’s Dance” 12″ (April)
J-Live Best Part (Instrumentals) 2LP (April)

Re-issues to follow in June:
Asheru and Blue Black (Unspoken Heard) Cosmology 12″
Asheru and Blue Black (Unspoken Heard) “Better/Smiley” 12″
Asheru and Blue Black (Unspoken Heard) “Jamboree” 12″
Maspyke/BJ Digby 54th Regiment” 12″

Future Releases
J-Live “ Always Has Been (The Rawshack Years) Album
Various Artists “7 Heads R Better Than 1 “ Vol. 1 (No Edge Ups In South Africa) Album
The Beat Kids Open Rhythm System Album

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