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Friday, Mar 14 2003 | 12:35

March 11, 2003 (Los Angeles, CA)

Equipped with his cape, a blunt, and some mighty microphone skills, SON DOOBIE makes a triumphant return to the scene with his solo debut Funk Superhero on Battleaxe Records. Sounding better than ever before, the notorious Funkdoobiest front man plays the part of a party rockin’, Puerto Rican freakin’ defender of justice for Real Hip-Hop.

“Hip-hop still gets me really excited,” says Son Doobie. “I haven’t lost the enthusiasm for it, like other artists who you can tell have lost the love. With some of them, you can just tell they’re not having no more fun.” But not Doobie. No way. One listen to the spine-tingling adventures of Funk
Superhero and it ain’t hard to tell that he’s still having a blast. Even after getting blasted.

The making of Funk Superhero began a couple years ago when Son Doobie was laid up in a hospital after being shot. “I was like, yo, when I get out of this bed, I’m really gonna put some sh*t down.” So our favorite Doobie brother connected with Madchild, the Swollen Members MC and head of Battleaxe Records, and emerged with Funk Superhero. “It was nothing pretty,” Son Doobie recalls. “I took my shirt off, put the headphones on, and started sharpening the pencils. I was sweatin’ in the sweatbox – it wasn’t like we were eating lobster and steak every day!” Son even surprised himself with the remarkable results of the record. “I knew the direction the album was going in, but I didn’t expect such a monumental outcome,” he admits.

Wasting no time, Son Doobie unleashes his lyrical super strength on the album’s opening track “Wile Out,” one of many crowd-motivating party joints that recall Funkdoobiest hip-hop classics like “Bow Wow Wow” and “The Funkiest.” “I’ve been on plenty of tours and I know that sound that people wanna hear,” says Son. His raunchy side returns on “Superhoes II”. On tracks like “Por Amor” and “From the Ghetto” (featuring the late Sazon Diamonte), Son celebrates his Latin heritage rhyming en Espanol, while elsewhere on the album he becomes a rap crusader exposing the frauds – and names do get called out. But don’t get mad – he’s only disrespecting those who have disrespected the culture of hip-hop! Crafted with a real gritty street vibe and true-to-the-game old school spirit, Funk Superhero is 12 tracks of beat-and-rhyme sureshots masterfully made for midnight marauding. Guest lyricists include Moka Only, Prevail (of Swollen Members) and Psycho Realm’s Jacken, while production is handled by Rob the Viking, Kemo, Nucleus, and more. Son Doobie sums it up, “This album has all the adventures and the crazy things that happens after 12 in the streets. It’s another chapter in the crazy life of Doobie.”

Crazy life, indeed. After moving from Brooklyn to LA, Son Doobie entered the hip-hop world back in the early ’90s as one-third of Funkdoobiest, part of the immensely popular and widely appealing Soul Assassins crew along with Cypress Hill and House of Pain. Aside from MCing, Son Doobie has made his mark as a radio personality on leading LA radio station Power 106, and as an adult film performer, which earned him a name-drop from none other than Eminem on Shady’s hit single “Guilty Conscience.” (Smut fans take note: Son Doobie’s porn star career has been on hold the last few years, though he is working on a naughty little website.) Still down with the Soul Assassins, Son Doobie has recently been featured on projects from the Serial Rhyme Killers with B-Real and with the rock group The Transplants.

“I’ve seen the ups and downs, the highs and the lows of this hip-hop game,” says Son Doobie. “I’m just trying to bring back the fun. We can never, ever stop trying to save hip-hop.”

“Funk Superhero” drops May 20, 2003

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