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Thursday, Feb 27 2003 | 18:31

Before you get too excited: It ain’t a battle !! But a new edition of their highly acclaimed mixtapes (these days on CD) that is a bit different from their past issues. “A Long Rhyme Coming” is all freestyles !!!

Check out the Tracklisting:

1. Rubix, Hazadus, Rise and Eddie Brock (Double Edge) (Produced by J-Rawls)
2. Wordsworth, Punchline, MFW, Heroine (Juggaknots) and Invincible (Produced by Panik (Molemen))
3. Ace Lover (2for5), Stelph Index, Blowout and Phase-One (Produced by J.Rawls)
4. Tone Deff, Pack FM, Substantial, Rok-One, and Ocean (Produced by Fat Jon of the Five Deez)
5. Vakill, Cwel, Prime, and Mass Hysteria (Produced by Panik)
6. Swave Sevah (Cvees), Kwest, and Percee P (Produced by Emile)
7. Oktober (2for5), Ike P (Cvees), and Diabolic (Produced by Fakts One)
8. C-Rayz Walz, Gauge, Breez Evahflowin’, and Loer Velocity (Writer’s Guild) (Produced by Emile)
9. J-Live, Choclair, Etcetera, and Mr. Complex (Produced by J-Live)
10. Hafeese, Labba, Big Twan, Matt Fingaz and FT (Produced by Ayatollah)
11. Brooklyn Academy (Will Tell, Bishop, Icon, Mr. Metaphor, Pumpkinhead, and Block Mcloud) (Produced by Will Tell)
12. I.G. Off and Supernatural (Produced by Joe Buddha)
13. The Demigodz (Celph Titled, Apathy, and Louis Logic) (Produced by DJ Cheapshot)
14. A.L. Skills, Avatar, Overbite, Mazzi, AP, and J-Treds (Produced by Chris Jarvis)
15. Eastern Conference (Mr. Eon, Copywrite, and Cage) (Produced by Mighty Mi)
16. Ken Bugaloo (Wee Bee Foolish), Subconscious, Kahiem, Yeshua dapoED, L.I.F.E. Long and Many Styles (Produced by Fat Jon)
17. Jane Doe and Ray Rip Ya’ll (Produced by Grap Luva)
18. Eddie Ill Outro (Produced by DJ Static)

This freestyle fest should hit your local record store or mailorder during the month of march! Cop that ish!

cover by Skam2 of Oldworlddisorder

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